5 Christmas Party Season Survival Tips

Can you believe that Christmas is less than a month away!?

As a personal trainer in Swansea I am here to offer you some advice which will help you to stay strong and carry on committing to your nutritional goals this Christmas.

It is coming up to the time of year where everyone in work can almost taste the Christmas break, hence the time for staff nights out, office parties and meals out. If you’ve got all three then your nutritional goals could take a hammering if you are not careful. Also Christmas is a family time so there will be many family get togethers on the horizon too.

Clearly it is the holiday season, people look forward to it all year and it’s a great opportunity to see the family and have a great time. So with this in mind it is inevitable that people are going to let things slip a little bit in the eating department.I’m sure in most living and dining rooms you will be able to see some form of sweets and chocolates everywhere you turn!

If you are serious about improving yourselves then you just have to be a bit careful and avoid over indulging too much.So to help you out I have come up with a list of Five hopefully helpful tips which will help you to stay in shape this Christmas and not gain 10 pounds in 2 weeks like a lot of people do and have to set the new Year’s Resolution of ‘lose weight’. Let’s stay strong and not have to!

So without further ado here is the five:

1. Don’t go for the ‘I’ll make up for it tomorrow’ approach. So many people will pig out to the extreme and tell themselves they’ll make up for it tomorrow. As you know I don’t focus so much anymore on the amount of calories we consume, but if you consume 4000 calories on one day and want to burn them off in the next day then you’re going to struggle, unless you’re planning on running a marathon or two!

2. Beware of beer! It’s going to take a very strong willed person to go through the Christmas period without touching a drop of alcohol. For some this may seem impossible, as its tradition! So when you do drink just try not to go too wild! When you drink beer it can be hard to stop after one so maybe try a harder drink, whiskey, vodka it may be likely to last a little bit longer. Also drink water between drinks/end of the night it’ll leave you waking up the next day with not so much of a bad head!

3. Buffet Tips. Everybody loves a buffet! It can be very easy to overdo it at a buffet so here is a few tips to help. Try to avoid sitting in a location where you have to walk passed the buffet everytime you need the toilet or a drink. You’ll have a handful of cocktail sausages in your hand each time you walk passed! Try to avoid pastry; pastries are a massive source of saturated fat so they aren’t good for you! So try not to go for the mini sausage rolls and pasties. If it is a buffet where you are to contribute your own food then make something healthy, bring it, eat it. Last tip, as surprising as it may seem, you can just go up once.

4. Eat Less Beforehand. If you know that your upcoming event, whether it is a staff party, Christmas dinner or whatever the occasion is, will involve you over indulging, then prepare yourself in the days beforehand. Make sure you train hard and eat maybe a bit less in the few days leading up to the event so you will ensure you have earned a break. You will also feel less guilty.

5. Enjoy! Come on guys it is the holidays. Make sure you see as many family members as possible (even the ones you don’t like! You won’t see them for another year), see all of your friends; even get on with the work colleagues that have been getting on your nerves all year! It’s once a year so make the most of it and enjoy it.

So there we have my top 5 tips to keep you on the straight and narrow this Christmas without sacrificing the enjoyment factor.

Have a good Christmas and a prosperous 2013,

Richard Clarke


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