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I’ve had some more questions come in about my health coaching programmes.
I thought I would tell you how it all works.
For those who sign up, you’ll meet with me in my little gym in Birchgrove. 

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The first session takes 45-60 mins, and is just a chat.
We will talk about your reasons for joining and what you need help with most.
I will collect lots of information about you to give me an idea of where you are with different things.
After this I will come up with a plan for you, prioritising one thing at a time.
Next it is likely you will go to see the physiotherapist for an assessment and he will then email me a report detailing anything that will affect your ability to exercise.
Then we will book your first physical session with me, a movement assessment where we’ll go through some basic exercise stuff.  You can do your training in Birchgorve or to Tycoch College in Sketty.
I will teach you how to make sure the exercise remains safe. How to use the right muscles and joints. And will build your confidence so you can train better on your own.
Actually, last night one of my clients, Anne, text me to say she couldn’t make it.
In the text, she included a 4 exercise session plan for her to do by herself. And asked me if it was OK?
It was spot on. 
30 mins later she text me again to say she was done.
The only way Anne could have done this is by having the confidence in her technique to train by herself and the knowledge of how to plan a basic session.
Back to the programme…
After the movement assessment session, we get started.
We will book you a couple of 30 minute slots each week.
In your first few sessions you’ll be introduced to the main exercises you’ll be using over the 6/12/24 weeks.
Depending on your goals, assessment results and experience you will be doing a variation of the most beneficial exercises FOR YOU.
We won’t be doing heavy weights straight away it will mainly be about technique and how to warm up properly.
Laying down some strong foundations like how many reps you should do. The number of sets.
What pace and effort is best to lift the weights with. And of course how much rest to take.
Get any of these wrong and your results can suffer. So building a proper foundation is essential to your success.
During the week I’ll be sending you a couple of emails about nutrition. 
What to eat and how and when to prepare it.  
Each week, as you’re getting more and more confident with the exercises, you’ll gradually increase your weights and the vigour at which you work.
You’ll start to feel this confidence tipping over into other areas too. 
It’s hard to explain until you actually experience it because it’s a “feeling” but you may know what I mean if you have felt it before. (it’s a great feeling)
But you can expect to feel more confident in your day to day life.
Throughout the programme you will complete food diaries and we will go through them together and via this process I will teach you how to eat correctly for your goals.
After about 3-4 weeks I will encourage you to start to do an extra session (or two) a week.
You will have a key for the gym and can do your additional workouts in privacy there.
Also every 4-6 weeks we will get you booked in for a deep tissue massage to get rid
of any aches and pains.
At the end of every programme and at intervals throughout we have the best bits.
Results days.
These are the days when you come in and get yourself re-assessed, to see how your doing.
There are ALWAYS some good results even if its just FEELING better, but usually its weight loss, inches and having more energy.
I can’t sit here and tell you its easy and a smooth road for EVERYBODY but I can tell you its 100% worth it when you get there.
As I have said before my programmes are application only, so you will have to complete this form first and it’s definitely not for everybody.  It costs about £75 per week ( which is the most popular question).
Take care,
PS – This week’s podcast is a Q & A, if you have sent a question have a listen to see if yours has been answered.
Its answers questions about STATINS and about high cholesterol, low libido, erectile dysfunction and testosterone levels and more.

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