EP12 – The Dangers Of Mercury Amalgam Fillings With Dr John Anderson

This episode sees Dr John Anderson, mercury free dentist for over 30 years share a wealth of knowledge regarding mercury amalgam fillings with hosts Richard Clarke and Dr Mark Daniels. They discuss the history of mercury and how it came to be that it was used is used in dentistry and why it’s now classed as dangerous by the world’s leading experts. Mercury is classed as the second most dangerous substance on the planet so Mark, Richard and John talk about why this is allowed in our mouths.

John also advises on how to safely have your mercury amalgam fillings removed and the steps you need to follow before, during and after.

Other things discussed on the show involve the increase of mercury removal procedures in today’s world and from a dentists point of view why it can be a difficult procedure, the banning of mercury fillings in other countries, how mercury fillings effect our health, the cost of mercury fillings compared with other filling options and much more.

Podcast below:

Show Notes

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To find out more about Dr John Anderson and the services he offers go to www.gdcneath.com 


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