EP13 – Q & A – Statins, Low Libido, Cholesterol Levels, Man Boobs, Lichen Sclerosus.

Richard Clarke & Dr Mark Daniels host another question and answer session to answer as many of the questions that you have been sending in as possible.

In this episode Richard and Mark answer the questions you sent in on various topics including how to avoid going on statins when diagnosed with high cholesterol by their doctor (3:25), how to improve low libido and boost testosterone levels (9:22), man boobs, how to maintain your stamina during exercise as you age (14:04), plastic containers and more.

Richard and Mark also talk about lichen sclerosis an ‘incurable disease’ and whether you can cure it (18:02).

Remember if you have a question that you want answered by Richard and Mark then email the address in the show notes below.

Podcast below:

Show Notes

If you want to have your questions answered on the show then you can email Richard in as much detail as possible at:

info@richard-clarke.co.uk  or contact Dr Mark via info@revolutionaryhealth.co.uk ,you can also contact Richard on twitter or facebook with your question.

If you want to get certain aspects of your health tested like cholesterol levels, adrenal levels or any others with Dr Mark Daniels you can go to www.revolutionaryhealth.co.uk or email info@revolutionaryhealth.co.uk

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