Hadn’t Done It Since School

I have been writing an article for the Western Mail this week.
It’s for a big drive the Welsh government are having at the min all to do with “health and well being checks for over 50’s”.
The initiative is being developed to help support and empower people over 50 to have greater control of their health and well-being.
This is music to my ears.
As you hopefully know by now, Welsh people are in a bad state.
We are getting older and sicker as a nation.
45% of 45 year olds being either overweight or obese.
The government have taken the stance that we need to take personal responsibility for our health.
I agree in part, but I think they have to also take responsibility themselves especially for the bad nutrition advice they have given over the years. (the food pyramid and diabetic diets for example).
That’s not to mention the food industry which they legislate/don’t legislate.
They have even suggested to go as far as refusing people operations if they are too unhealthy to benefit or there will be no major benefit.
This may seem a bit harsh but I think it’s spot on.
Some people just abuse their bodies and expect the NHS to pick up the bill.
Those days are over.
However this will (as my wife pointed out to me) affect some of the most vulnerable people in society.
I was talking to a chap in his mid 50’s the other day.
He told me he hadn’t done any form of exercise since he was in school.
He was in a terrible state. 
He was overweight, had diabetes, high blood pressure and gout.
This guy was like a train crash waiting to happen.
It’s not a matter of if he will get sicker, it’s a matter of WHEN.
These over 50’s health check are there for people like this man.
If you or someone you know and love have poor health see your GP (the husbands tend to be the reckless ones with their health).
So my advice this week is get yourself checked over by the GP and start to RECLAIM your health.
All GPs have access to exercise on referral schemes and can refer you to a specialist for a 12 week low cost exercise programme in the local leisure centre.
This week on the podcast we have a VERY CONTROVERSIAL topic

Patrisyu FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Patrisyu FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Mercury amalgam fillings.
Those nasty black fillings have been deemed toxic to human health by doctors worldwide and they are about to be banned across many countries in the world – EXCEPT the UK.
I feel it’s my duty to bring this stuff to your attention.
We have a 20 minute interview with Dr John Anderson from Neath. (who happens to be the UK’s leading expert in mercury removal)
We talk about the dangers of mercury fillings and what you can do about it.
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