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I have teamed up with a new local company called Revolutionary Health and we are seeking 8 volunteers to take part in a forthcoming 12 week health improvement trial.

Revolutionary Health will measure and provide feedback on clients’ health biomarkers as they implement tailored nutritional and exercise programmes. 

The trial involves blood testing for “biomarkers” which provide detailed information about the inside of your body.  

The detail provided by the biomarker testing allows for a more tailored exercise a nutritional plan to be designed, meaning you receive far greater benefits.

Biomarkers can help you measure and understand your current health status as well as providing an indicator whether you have susceptibility to certain health problems in the future.

Biomarker testing involves measuring key hormonal and metabolic data that relate to biological processes that impact on a person’s overall health and wellbeing.

Depending on your goals or symptoms they will measure your key Biomarkers providing you with an understanding of the results and a suggested action plan.

Hormonal imbalances coupled with nutritional deficiencies play a pivotal role in illness, disease, obesity or even just a person’s ability to perform both mentally and physically at their best.

Revolutionary Health works with several leading UK based laboratories to provide our clients with the in-depth biomarker testing services that support your health and wellbeing.

Applications are invited by email to from those who are interested in understanding their own health and how nutrition and exercise impacts on it.

Operating at cost price only, the fee is £200 per volunteer (or £700 with one to one support for the exercise and nutrition from me). 

(This is THE only opportunity you would have to work with me for three months, for £500, its usually £900+.  The total package is worth over £1500)

Please share with anyone who you feel may benefit from this health improvement opportunity.

Click the link to view Revolutionary Health’s extensive range of biomarker tests:

Revolutionary Health

If you have any questions regarding suitability, just drop me a line.





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