I Would Only Do It If I Had To

I have a group of ladies who train with me on a Monday night.
They have been coming to me for years.
They are all over 50 and all have one or more limitations with their bodies (knees mostly).
They pretty much boss me around and give me a load of trouble for an hour while I try to get them to do some bleeding exercise, but we always have a laugh.
Its as much a social event for the girls as it is an exercise session.
We were chatting on Monday I’m not sure how but the subject of running came up. (none of them run and we don’t do any running in our sessions)
One of the girls said “the only reason I would run was if I had to save my life”.
Of course we all laughed and the banter ensued.
At the time it reminded me of a funny story which I will share with you.
Years ago when I was driving to work in Llanelli in the rain I saw an old woman walking slowly along the side of the road.
It was raining and she had a big mac on nearly to the floor and one of those plastic bandana things on her head.
She was bent over dragging one of those little shopping trolley’s.
Next thing, I saw the bus came past and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
The “little old lady” picked up her shopping trolley in one hand and legged it 50 yards to catch the bus.
I was smiling to myself and thinking “fair play you weren’t going to miss that bus were you!”
Why am I telling you this?  
Because firstly it’s a little bit funny and secondly it shows that we can all do things when we really have to.
Now I’m not suggesting that little old ladies should start running but I am saying we are all capable of so much more – physically.
It’s been documented so many times in survival situations people do amazing things to save their lives.
Some people unfortunately leave it until they “have to” to draw on these inner reserves.
I have mentioned this before, lots of us are only compelled to do something when we will suffer more pain if we don’t. (like the choice of having to run 50 yards or missing the bus).
So we don’t do things through choice we do things because we are forced and have no alternative available.
It’s the human way. 
When we are forced into doing something we realise that we CAN actually do it.
So my advice, don’t wait until you have to change, do it now while you have the choice.
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Take care,

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