Is Cancer A Fungus?

Cancer is devastating.  It’s a terrible disease that ends the lives of millions and ruins the lives of our families and friends.

My family have been affected and it’s made me think about lots of things I would maybe not of had to think about.  In a strange way, via a mixture of fear and anger its motivated me to, help the people closest to me more and further improve my health, for now and for the future.

I thought twice about writing an article about this very sensitive, and for me personally, emotional topic.

It could be said that some of the content is controversial but it’s not that I’m so concerned about.

I don’t want to upset anyone, especially my family, friends or you (loyal blog followers).  Cancer can get us very emotional, especially if someone says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

If you are personally going through it right now yourself or a loved one, you may decide its better not to read this right now, for lots of reasons.

Today I will attempt to tread carefully and sensitively and I will share some of what I have learned through my family’s experiences and what I have researched so that others may benefit.

I’m not an expert on this topic, just a well meaning health coach who wants to help educate people so they can help themselves.  If I get something wrong or have misunderstood something please feel free to let me know in the comments section below or email me.

Nearly all of us get affected by cancer in some shape or form during our lives and yet we still haven’t found a reliable cure.

There are so many different types of cancers and it’s a very complex area, BUT some people are beating it and then going cancer free for many years to come.

So many success stories.  Like this (4 min 26 sec).

But officially we still can’t find out how to cure it.

There has to be an answer for the many and not the few. (I pray)

Some of the things that mankind have managed to accomplish has been astounding, all of the technology that has been created is mind blowing yet this cure still evades us, as do many others.

In order to find the cure for cancer researchers need to really find out, and agree, on what cancer actually is.

Easier said than done.

Some people think cancer is a gene issue.  Some people think its a problem with chronic inflammation others, as the title suggests, think it may be a fungus – but no one really knows.

Cancer is different from all other diseases which makes it so difficult to control.

It can affect different parts of the body and it can spread throughout the whole body as the cancer cells replicate out of control.

Cancers are thought to be mutating cells.

What triggers the mutation?

It’s thought that cancer triggers are thought to include – genetic factors, lifestyle factors (diet, smoking, alcohol, exercise), infections and environmental exposure to toxic chemicals.

Others believe it’s caused triggered by nutritional deficiencies or chronic inflammation and acidity.

In this week’s article I’m going to discuss a few different theories about the cure for cancer, all from respected sources, but none widely accepted as of yet.

(Below I use the term “theory” loosely, more of an approach)

Cancer Is a Fungus Theory? Dr Tullio Simoncini

It has not yet been accepted by the medical profession, but the first theory on how to cure cancer is based on the assumption that cancer is a fungus.

I was introduced to some of the work by an Italian doctor called Tullio Simoncini whilst on a course by Phil Richards (a nutritional expert).

Simoncini’s research has led him (and now a lot of other people too) to believe that cancer is a fungus caused by a yeast like organism known as Candida.

You may have heard of it, you can get tested by your GP or get a test done yourself for £50-60, they are available online.

Normally the immune system is able to keep candida under control but when candida changes into a strong fungus, health problems, maybe cancer will soon occur, suggests Simonicini.

Simonicini used sodium bicarbonate (an anti-fungal and alkalising agent) to treat many cancer sufferers successfully.

I will quickly give you a bit of general information about fungus and what it is.

Fungi is the primary tool used by nature to return living things to the basic elements they were made with.

Fungi help the rotting process and the breakdown of the tissue, so this means that some people who have massive candida growth, are literally “rotting from the inside out”, their bodies are eating themselves.

Scary thought.

Fungal spores are literally everywhere and can get into our body in a variety of different ways, most easily via our food and the air we breathe.

We are normally able to cope with this but when the immune system isn’t working to its full potential and the body isn’t well oxygenated then these fungal spores can begin to grow.

?Did you know? – People who smoke for example are inhaling fungal spores with every cigarette which can obviously lead to lung cancer.

Mike Lambert a doctor from the Isle of Wight had this to say about Candida:

‘Fungus, and Candida in particular, thrive by eating the body of its host (yours) by dissolving it.  It also needs your body to breed, as it can’t do this on its own. ‘

Simoncini believes that cancer is not caused by cellular malfunction like most people believe but it is down to a Candida fungal infection which the body simply cannot control.

Simoncini in 1983 treated a man who was given just months to live due to lung cancer.

Simoncini cured him, he said, he then believed this would be the big breakthrough, but in this instance realised how corrupt the medical organisations were.  The authorities refused to approve his findings and he was banned from the Italian Medical Order for curing someone of cancer!

Interestingly Milton White, MD called cancer ‘A chronic, infectious, fungal disease’. During this research White found fungal spores in every sample of cancer tissue he studied.

I have heard of doctors describe cancerous tumors as having tentacle like “spores” myself.

Is cancer a fungus?  The similarities I see are: they both have spores and they both feed on glucose and work anaerobically, so they have some similarities that’s for sure.  That maybe so, but the experts can not agree, so we will have to wait and see what unfolds in the future.

It may be that certain fungi can trigger certain cancers, we dont know.

Acid & Alkaline PH Theory by Dr Otto Warburg

The second theory I want to cover today of that of a scientist called Otto Warbug.

Dr. Otto Warburg, winner of the 1931 Nobel Prize for his studies in cell respiration, believed that a person’s level of health and vitality has a direct correlation to the levels of oxygen in his or her blood stream.

He carried out research proving that viruses, bacteria and cancer cells can not survive in an oxygenated environment.

He also said that disease thrives in an acidic or low oxygen environment.

Dr Otto Warburg also found that alkaline bodies absorb up to 20 times more oxygen than acidic bodies.

This theory would suggest an alkaline diet would be very useful in the prevention of cancer.

If we wanted to speed up the process of becoming alkaline, as Dr Warburg suggests in his research, you can take a supplement which I have already recommended many times before.  Use ALKALISING SALTS.

(So that’s two theories which basically recommend the benefits of being alkaline as oppose to acid.)

If you want your PH levels tested to see if you are acid or alkaline, let me know, or you can buy PH testing strips cheap online for about £10.

Chronic Inflammation & Vitamin C Theory by Linus Pauling

Having low levels of vitamin C or “scurvy” over a long period of time can cause massive inflammation throughout the body, leading to many illnesses including cancer.

Linus Pauling, who is the only person to have won TWO (unshared) nobel prizes, probably the greatest American scientist of all time, believed that MEGA doses of vitamin C can cure heart disease, cancer and infections.

A high dose is considered above 2000mg a day, some people I know take more like 5000mg a day, but this is NOT advisable for the majority of us, side effects include diarrhoea!

You should take vitamin C regularly throughout the day, work out a high ish dose which will work for you 500-2000mg a day.

To back up the vitamin C theory, a very large number of studies have shown that increased consumption of fresh fruits is associated with a reduced risk for most types of cancer.

This also ties in with the PH theory, as acidic tissue is often found to lead to inflammation and inflammation can lead to chronic inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and stroke.

Can you see the link, it is a bit complicated, but when your body gets chronically inflamed from the internal environment having low oxygen and having acidic tissue, eventually this will lead to many problems and maybe even cancer.

(This still does not explain why some babies are born with cancer, it is suggested that this is caused by environmental toxins they are exposed to during pregnancy.)

You should know all of these cancer “theories” (Acid & Alkaline, Fungus, Vitamin C) have been ridiculed at some point and still have not been accepted in the mainstream medical profession or widely adopted as of yet.

Interesting all the same.

So What are the Solutions?

Most of these initial solutions are based on a logical common sense approach, to help prevent cancer.

Chemotherapy(and other such treatments) can cure it.

As we have already suggested, sort your lifestyle out and cut out toxins.

Use anti fungal supplements, other substances which have proved effective in treating fungal infections, which in theory should help to treat cancer include sesame oil, apple cider vinegar and aloe vera.

Follow an alkaline diet or use alkalising salts, encouraging the PH of the body to increase, thus reducing inflammation.

In order to be more alkaline then you should eat a diet rich in foods like good fats, green leafy vegetables, herbs and spices and organic high quality meats.

Take a high dose vitamin C to protect against inflammation.

Reduce stress.  The stresses of modern day life can be another thing that harms our immune system, a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Three stress busters (check it out here if you missed it) which can help you to relax.  So de-stressing will also help.

The more stress free, relaxed and healthy we are the less chance we have of getting sick generally.

Immune system.  In order to fight off cancer we need to maintain a strong immune system.

Chemotherapy does cures cancer.  But the thing that destroys our immune system the most is CHEMOTHERAPY!

Wait! So the cancer comes from a weak immune system and our best defence mechanism against cancer destroys our immune system?

Yes its confusing isn’t it.

Chemotherapy kills cells, the hope of chemotherapy is it kills the cancer cells before the patient, which it mostly does.  Chemotherapy literally takes you to the brink of death.

It’s very aggressive but it saved my Dad and it’s saved many others.

This is one of the reasons that so many people who survive cancer suffer it again, the immune system is so weak from the chemotherapy to fight anything.

Our immune system comes under attack daily due to certain lifestyle choices that some we make.  So step one, as always, is to sort out the lifestyle.

So many people in the world lead unhealthy lifestyles, at some point down the line they will become ill if they don’t change their ways, please don’t be one of them.

Cancer is a very difficult subject to talk about but it is such a horrible thing that awareness needs to be raised.

Thanks for reading,

Richard Clarke

To hear more from Dr Simoncini please watch this video:


8 thoughts on “Is Cancer A Fungus?”

    1. Hey David,

      Yes i saw that site and read it, but it does it really change anything?

      I think about it like this ….He did something very unorthodox and stuff which was risky, maybe thats why they struck him off, not because he was doing the wrong thing regards the cancer. he broke medical rules, so i bet he is a big insurance risk! 😉

      I read this too “The only reason why Dr. Simoncini has been struck off from the medical
      order is because he as an oncologist administrated Sodium Bicarbonate
      instead of the conventional chemo in the treatment of cancer patients.”

      Its very interesting but controversial and we will probably never know the truth, he is a maverick for sure, thats maybe why he was shot down.

      Thanks for the comment,


      1. Hi Richard,

        Cancer is a horrible disease and cancer suffers are exceptionally vulnerable (hence the introduction the Cancer Act in 1939 [1]). When faced with the daunting prospect of radiotherapy or chemotherapy, many will seek out less aggressive alternatives. The danger comes when patients try untested and unproven alternatives and stop proven treatments – the ultimate cost of which can be death.

        (Ex)Dr Tullio Simoncini was struck off the medical register in 2003 and 2006 he was convicted for wrongful death and swindling in Italy [2]. Both of these facts should affect how anyone judges the credibility of his claims.

        There are no peer-reviewed papers in medical journals that support his claims that cancer is caused by fungus or that sodium bicarbonate is effective in the treatment of cancer [3].

        I’ve had several friends and relatives suffer from cancer, two passed away, one survived but was disabled by it, one is still undergoing treatment.

        I’m sure you meant well, but in this case I felt compelled to mention the dangers and to prevent any false hope.

        Kind regards,



        1. Hi David,

          That information about Simoncini is very much appreciated, some great information and awesome references. Are you a Doctor?

          I agree with you and i understand its not a good idea to give anyone false hope.

          The article as you said is well meaning and is there to help people try and help themselves PREVENT cancer ever coming in the first place, but as i say in the article there is no cure, just theories.

          The Dr’s we had to deal with in the hospital have confirmed that stance, no false hope, no hope at all in fact, they are very skeptical about any form of treatment other than drugs/chemo/radiation, and dismiss the benefits of food and exercise as pretty useless. (There is evidence to support this i know!)

          Do you happen to know how to explain how people are curing themselves after refusing treatment? Its so interesting and exciting (like the video in the article). More and more stories are surfacing.

          Do you think the drug companies and the advocates of these man made treatments have a lot to lose if a cure as common as food or a supplement comes about?

          I personally think so, this makes me approach most things with a “healthy skepticism”, knowing the amount of scandals big pharma have gone through in the last 5-10 years.

          I understand the research is not there yet but hope it will come.

          The cure for scurvy only took 100 years from discovery to implementation!

          I personally believe that cancer may well be a fungus as do many others, so i suppose its a matter of opinion. Your opinion currently has far more research behind it, that i agree with.

          I also do not trust the medical profession after my experiences have taught me thats its more luck than judgement if they even diagnose you correctly(with cancer or anything). They took six months to diagnose my Dads tumor in his back (the size of a fist) even though he went to the hospital repeatedly, they just said its a slipped disk, then a pulled muscle etc, advised physiotherapy ;-(.

          Thanks for taking the time to help deliver a balanced discussion.

          Take care,


  1. Hi Richard

    Just a quick thanks for all the great work you are doing to highlight the need for good nutrition.

    I have been a distributor for Herbalife since 1986 and I have been a Martial Arts instructor for the last 30 years or so, so I am well versed in how good nutrition can be a life saving regime.

    Nice talking to you.


    John Windsor

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for the kind message.

      Good food and exercise as you know are the keys to edging your bets, to help you live longer.

      Thats amazing you have been doing martial arts for 30 years, you must be like bruce lee or something similar.

      I must say im not a big fan of herbalife or similar products, to be honest i think food is best for meals, and, unless your an athlete, you should supplement health products like fish oil and alkalising salts, B, C & D vitamins, etc – but all these bars and sachets (herbalife, lighter life, cambridge) are not good for general health IMO.

      Some people i know saved their lives by doing lighterlife, dropping big numbers like 5-10 stone, so it does work for weight reduction.

      But as you know from reading my stuff, its my strong belief, health must come before weight loss not after for long term success.

      Im going to write an article soon explaining this and showing people how they can do their own DIY version of these plans(obviously with a bit of prep and effort), please dont take it personal lol ;-), loads of my friends and family sell and take these things and have seen good results with weight loss.

      I will be careful in the article not to put any of my family and friends out of business!

      Maybe you would do an interview for me and i could ask you a few questions etc?

      I must say im not here to judge, its only my opinion, and i used to sell and take the stuff myself not so long ago, but i will share what i have learned and why i have changed my mind over the last few years. again its very interesting stuff

      Thanks again for the comment, take care


  2. Hi Richard, Thank you for your effort and such a heartfelt article and genuine enthusiasm in the fight against the big C.

    Also, what hasn’t gone unnoticed is your honesty/objectivity! You, like all true professionals/academics are always ready to discuss other points of view, which you have in this article, which shows you’re not egotistical.

    For what its worth Richard, I think you’re on to something…a life more in tune with the way we have evolved over millenia (i.e eat meals with one ingredient e.g apple…ingredients…an apple!) is always going to be a long one. Chris.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the comment and your kind words.

      I hope i am onto something, i feel there is a big change afoot, and im doing my bit ot help spread the information i find interesting.

      Take care,


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