The Headteacher Wants To See You

I heard a funny story the other day.

A friend of mine was dropping her kids off in school, when the teacher said

“Have you got a minute the head teacher wants to see you?”

Uh Oh

It’s dreaded by all parents

Usually it means something is wrong

She sat down and was told that her daughter had been telling the class some worrying things

The head teacher explained

All the kids were telling stories (as they do)

Karen’s daughter was asked

“What does your mum do at home”

She said

“She loves watching hard core porn”

The teacher, obviously shocked and concerned, told the head teacher.

Karen when told this went bright red and was very embarrassed

She admitted to the teacher she does love watching hard core PAWN

It’s a programme on sky tv

Crazy title, but that’s what they are like these days

Trying to catch your attention and using a play on words

Anyway this reminded me of how QUICK we can all be TO JUDGE

And also reminded me of a GREAT story….

A man was sitting on a train, and another man got on with 3 children

The man sat opposite him and the children just ran riot

The kids were going crazy

Running up and down and disturbing other people in the carriage

Bashing peoples news papers and belongings


And generally being a pain in the arse

The father of the kids just sat there

The people in the carriage could see that the father was not taking any notice of this behaviour

And they were getting VERY annoyed that he did nothing to control them

The anger in the carriage was swelling

Finally one man said

“Excuse me sir but you children are disturbing other people, do you mind getting them under control”

The father of the kids looked up and said

“I’m very sorry I hadn’t even realised”

“We have just come from the hospital where my wife has died and I don’t know what the kids and I are going to do”

At that moment EVERYONES attitude on the train changed towards the family.

The man offered to help and other people started to entertain the kids as best they could

This is a wonderful example of how we tend to make assumptions based on appearances, rather than the truth.

We shouldn’t jump to conclusions

We shouldn’t judge people


Just like the head teacher (quite rightly)

Just like the people on the train (incorrectly)

Have a look into your life, and see if there is anything that is worrying you that may not actually be true.

It is always best, if possible, to have all the facts before getting angry and confronting people and if we do not have all the facts, perhaps it might be good to just ignore it.

It does take some practice, but try not to judge people too much this Xmas

Enjoy yourselves, have a good one n all that



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