14 Day Miracle Menu Background Information

“Imagine Being Able to Eat Correctly AND Enjoy Your Food, Speed Up Your Metabolism AND Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Furnace.   Burning lbs’s of FAT, Even While You Rest!”

You Can With Our 14 Day Miracle Menu!

Some of you may have heard that I have developed a new  solution for weight loss – both in the short term and most importantly long term.  As a sports scientist I take a methodical approach to everything I do, I needed a solution for my clients which would deliver them results.

All my career I have paid particular attention to what works and what does not.  After 10 years I was none the wiser and it seemed that all I could conclude was “Different things Worked for Different People”, genius uh!

I had worked with thousands of people referred to me for weight loss, some I helped alot, some I tried to help and failed miserably.

About 5 years ago I decided I had to find out why different things worked? I set on myself on a journey to discover a solution, specifically for my clients – after all they pay me big money to help them get their weight off – they are my priority – as always.

I went back through my records and reviewed what had worked over the last 10 years.  I had been a fitness instructor, personal trainer, co-ordinator of a Dr’s referral scheme and cardiac rehab scheme across five leisure sites, I had worked for 6 summers on a sports camp in the USA and been attached to several professional and amateur sports groups.

I had helped thousands of people get into shape and failed on hundreds more.  I racked my brains and I started to list the things which worked and for which types of people….thats where it all started really.

12 months ago I started scientifically testing the Miracle Menu with all my personal training clients and collecting data.  The results have been staggering and the miracle menu has delivered consistent weight loss and added vitality in 100% of my participants.  RESULTS: Average weight loss was 3llbs per week for the first 14 days and then 2 lbs per week thereafter

The main thing from my clients point of view was that with the miracle menu programme – the advice and food is different for everyone!  There are overlaps but – your level of love and happiness – body type – age and sex – all play a major part in how your body will lose weight.


  • Weight Loss – Primarily Fat Loss
  • High Energy Levels
  • Don’t Get Hungry
  • Personalised Plan to meet your – Goals – Sex – Body Type – Age
  • Learn How to Do it by yourself
  • No Protein Supplements Needed(unless you want to) – only Good Foods

What you Get

  • Detailed Shopping List
  • Alternatives for those Busy Days and Options for Restaurant Meals and Eating Out
  • 70 Sample Meal Ideas
  • 15 Luxury Meal Ideas – which are still healthy (Ideal for Special Occasions)

Who is it For?

  • Normal people who struggle to lose weight
  • Anyone who wants to lose between 7-14lbs quickly
  • Anyone who wants to lose weight consistently over a period of time
  • People who want to lose weight by eating – no shakes or supplements
  • People who want to learn the “how to’s” of nutrition and staying lean for life
  • It is suitable for vegetarians


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