4 Tools To Help You Lose More Weight‏

I understand.

Everyone is looking to get better results.


With less effort.

And, if possible, without “giving up” all of the FUN stuff.

There are some great tools out there which can help dramatically improve your sexy bootay, some of them also happen to be free,

I have seen these tools work for lots of people and they can help you crank up the volume on your weight loss results.

The 4 tools are:

#1.  My Fitness Pal.  This is a free App which helps you track your food intake and daily activity. Lots of my clients love it, and so do I. It makes life easy and tracks your macronutrients so you can make simple, effective adjustments.

#2.  My Podcast and Blog.  Again a free resource to help you discover where you can make improvements and see better health and results with your weight loss. Free meal sample plans, workouts and daily inspiration. The podcast has over 60 free episodes where a GP and myself answer readers questions. While you are there, you can also grab a free chapter of my book.

#3.  F.lux.  Do you watch a computer screen late at night?  Are you texting or on your phone until bedtime? Did you know that the backlight on a computer or telephone is designed to look like the sun. During the day this is great, but it’s not so great at night as it messes up the depth and quality of your sleep.

This piece of software is designed to help you sleep better. It changes the colour of the phone/computer/tablet display depending on the time of day.  Helping you to have a much deeper and better nights sleep.

#4.  My Online Private Members Academy. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t mention my own product. The academy is the place where I teach all the “nitty gritty” details of how to do everything step by step.

To join other women who have chosen to live life, lose weight and get fit, by following my wicked, and highly effective ways, click here:


I know I look after you, what can I say, sometimes I’m just too kind.

But that’s all for today my friend, so be good until tomorrow.

And if you can’t be good, be careful 😉

Richard Clarke

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