7 Mistakes That’ll Give You a Fat Belly

Most women I work with would like to improve their tummies.

And not to look like they’re bloated or even pregnant.

Often, these same women who want a flatter tummy, despite their best efforts, do lots of stuff that makes their tummies FATTER not flatter.

Not exactly ideal.

There is of course a lot to remember when it comes to losing weight. So its easy to get something wrong or misunderstand something CRITICAL to the whole process, without realising. It can even happen to experienced slimmers.

So to point you in the right direction, I’ve put this checklist together to help you see if you’re doing anything to inadvertently, give yourself a fatter belly.

#1. Eat lazy meals like toast, sandwiches or cereal, regularly.

#2. Never eat any green vegetables, or any veg at all.

#3. Drink alcohol every day/few times a week

#4. Choose to eat processed and frozen foods over fresh ones.

#5. Dont drink much water, if any.

#6. Drink lots of coffee, tea and fizzy drinks.

#7. Never plan what you are going to eat until you’re hungry.

They are all sure fire ways to get a FATTER tummy.

The lesson: to get a flat(ter) tummy, you just need to do the opposite of the 7 points above, easy.

If you’d like some expert help to do all this, AND be held to account each week with someone checking up on you, my personal training or slimming clubs are ideal. They get you to your goal a lot faster, and take away all the thinking and a lot of the hard work.

There is still a short wait to join my personal training programme, as there is still building work ongoing in the new gym in Birchgrove, so if you don’t mind that, you’re welcome to apply.

For all membership info, go here:


Richard Clarke

PS – We have two NEW slimming clubs opening this week:

#1. Llanridian. Starts TODAY 22nd June. The Purple Badger, Llanrhidian Holiday Park, every Thursday at 6pm. Women only.

#2: Tesco Llansamlet. Starts TOMORROW 3rd June. Community room. Every Friday 12-3pm, this is our first drop in club and is also mixed sex.

To join one of the new clubs, fill out a form on the link above and a leader will contact you.

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