Discover how to finally.. get fit, lose weight FAST & keep it off ...without giving up your weekends, feeling hungry or eating boring, tasteless food...

Weight Loss Forever Academy is the Brand New Monthly Weight Loss Program Designed for Women Over 40 to Lose Weight FAST & Get Fit In The Comfort of Their Own Home


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From the desk of Richard Clarke

I'm going to get straight to the point. In the next 14 days i'm going to take you by the hand and guide you to success with your weight loss.

I will show you exactly what my course can do, and its all completely free of charge.

Here at Weight Loss Forever I do things a little bit differently.  As you can see a huge amount of the information I share is free of charge and you can start seeing results if you follow my advice.

It's the same with this course, I think its only fair that you see upfront what to expect when joining my team of women over 40.

I will be your personal coach when you join this brand new, proven weight loss course.

When your watching the training videos and following the course each day, if you need anything, simply contact me at any time for help and support. You will see my contact information on all of our correspondence.

There is nothing else like this available - all in ONE PLACE. I have specifically provided the most tried and tested solutions I have discovered over the last 20 years, for women OVER 40 to get FAST results.

I understand.  I get it, I really do. I have been helping women over 40 lose weight for nearly 20 years week-in week-out.

I have helped 1000's women over 40, successfully change their lives to look and feel their best.

This program is amongst the best online weight loss and exercise programs for women over 40 in the world. Weight Loss Forever delivers the fastest possible results plus it has a long term strategy built in for you.

I have made the program easy as to follow. I analyzed the top performers on my weight loss program and came up with Weight Loss Forever for you.

This is a proven weight loss formula, which has been tried and tested over the last 18 years with 1000's of women over 40.

People often want to know WHY I do all this, and the answer is easy.

One day my life changed when my dad got cancer.  He is still fighting three different kinds today, he is a very strong man, and my hero.

Then as is often the case in life, not long after, my uncle died, way before retirement.  A fit and healthy 51 year old, at the peak of his success, contracted and died of a brain tumor within a matter of 8-12 weeks. There wasn’t anything they could do for him.

To be perfectly honest all this scares the life out of me. None of us know what the sting in the tail our bad habits will have.

So that’s why I do all this, to help people retire in good nick – not knackered.

I want to help people reach retirement age in great health and fitness so that they can enjoy the “halcyon” days to the full, and enjoy the retirement they have worked and saved all their lives for.

To make sure we can enjoy those halcyon days, doing the things we love, with the people we love.

I do all this for my family. My wife and son, my step daughter, my mum and dad, my brother, my sister and her kids. My family means everything to me. I want to look after them all so we can enjoy as much time together as possible while we are all still here.

I would like to help you do the same.

Thanks for your time,


Do You Feel Like You've Been Struggling to Lose Weight Forever?

You've probably been dieting for longer than you can remember going around in circles and fall off the wagon every weekend.

You're probably feeling tired and fed up of losing weight and then gaining it all back (and more).

You're feeling like shit and know this cycle just can’t go on.

You sense something has to change now, because this approach failed you (why would you be reading this now if this wasn't the truth?).

You're confused and unsure where to turn or what to try next....

Does this sound familiar?

It's because I know exactly why you’re here

I get it, I understand...

You're fed up with all the bullshit.

Fed up of being let down by false promises.

You've been lied to by "so called experts.."

Fed up by the highly exaggerated claims different trainers and diets promise and then fail to deliver.

You are angry at the time and money you have wasted, getting nowhere.

I don't blame you!

Working your butt off, just to stay where you are.

You've probably secretly thought there must be an easier way, right?

There is!

What's 'The Secret', if you can call it that…to this powerful, yet proven, simple weight loss programme?

I figured out a long time ago that people’s results LIVED and DIED on one thing…

And one thing only!

Nutrition.  Yeah, that's right, Nutrition.

When it finally dawned on me (as an exercise scientist, I didn’t want to believe it).

I discovered that if my whole programme LIVES and DIES on NUTRITION, then I must dedicate myself to 'mastering diet and nutrition' and everything it entails.

It's fair to say thats the BIGGEST reason why people join my Weight Loss Forever programme.

My nutrition plans kick ass and 'I have a knack' (AKA skills I use) of being able to get people to lose LOADS of weight.

Plus most people admit that they can’t figure it all out on their own.

And they're fed up with wasting so much time - year after year - with no results.

They are frustrated that weight loss has taken over their WHOLE lives.

They've had enough of jumping from programme to programme.

I have the easy, proven, step-by-step solution for you to start losing weight right now!

Cynthia Cynthia

Motivational, inspirational, encouraging, knowledgeable, caring, fun loving, thought provoking are just a few of the words I would use to describe the huge personality that is Richard Clarke. If you decide to follow his advice you just can't go wrong.

Lianne Brown Lianne Brown

Richard helped me in so many ways, even though I had many ailments, he helped me to believe in myself, weight loss, his recipes are delicious, didn't feel like I was on a diet, just healthy eating, but most of all Richard is very inspiring and often if I was having a bad day you could guarantee I would walk out of the gym smiling. Thank you Richard x

Just want to let you know how much I appreciate all that I've learnt over the past 2 years.   I've lost weight, feel healthier and much more in tune with my body. Even though I've always felt that I've eaten healthy I have learnt so much more about what to eat together and when to eat them.  So once again thanks for keeping this 57 year old on the road to health.

Since l started training with Richard about a year ago l have found that my back is stronger and l have move flexibility/less pain.  I am more aware of how my diet is having an impact on inflammation in my body and try to eat foods that prevent/reduce inflammation. I enjoy the training sessions as Richard varies them each week.  Great for when my mind can't think for itself!!

Weight Loss Forever is a Monthly Online Weight Loss Course For Women Over 40 to Lose Weight & Get Fit In The Comfort of Their Own Home

Here's what you'll get as a member...


Simple to Follow 10 Minute Workouts That Build You Up Gently

New workouts each month that will build you up gradually through each PHASE, from a beginner level to a good level of physical fitness.

Phase I - It's just you and me and we learn the basics & start to get your body moving.

Phase II - Now you are a bit fitter, we will increase your energy and improve your endurance, Liz demonstrates for you.

Phase III - It's official, you are fit and these workouts will challenge you and help your body tone up in all the right areas.  We are joined by Ellie and Shelley to help show you different options during the workouts.


Already Done Meal Plans - Tasty & Simple Plans to Help Maximise Your Weight Loss

Choose from a variety of different meal plans each month or mix and match to suit yourself.   Remove the thinking about what to eat to lose weight.  These 'done for you' plans are PROVEN to be highly effective.


Weight Loss Forever Cookbook Collection

Choose from 100's of recipes from our cookbook range.

30 Days Of Weight Loss includes 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners, all tasty and suitable for weight loss.

The Clean Curry Cookbook has over 75 different curries, plus recipes for onion bhaji's and chapati's.

The Snacks & Treats Cookbook has delicious recipes for in-between meals and when you have a sweet tooth.

The Meat Free Cookbook is suitable for vegetarians and those who like to have meat free options.


Monthly 'Micro' Tutorials - Presentations Done in 5 Minutes Or Less

Short tutorial presentations where I will teach you the finer points of weight loss and show you WHY we do what we do.

Delve deeper into the 'New Rules Of Weight Loss' and learn more.


Pick My Brain...Send Me Your Questions & Food Diary

This is probably worth the investment alone.

If you get stuck you can send me your questions or your food diary & I will send you answers & feedback, and if its an interesting question, it will be recorded on a video for everyone to benefit.

Members will also get access to all the feedback video's and can listen to the feedback given to other members (you learn FAST doing this).


Special "Reveal All" Presentations

These online video presentations where you can watch and listen, ALL from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Month one: we cover bloating & constipation, plus a bonus presentation on how to reduce you stress hormone levels by over 65%. Plus get a step-by-step plan of what to do that you can print out.

Month two:  How to get through any occasion without gaining weight and screwing up your progress.  Plus get a step-by-step plan of what to do that you can print out.

We will discuss any major topics anyone is having trouble with, delve deeper into specific case studies and share what the most successful women are doing to lose weight and answer any questions that arise from that.



What You Will Need...

  • No Existing Exercise or Nutritional Experience Needed
  • Two Pairs Of Small Dumbbells. A Pair of 1kg Dumbbells and a Pair of 2kg Dumbbells
  • An Exercise Mat for Floor Work
  • Small Amount of Space
  • A Clean Bill Of Health* Please note Richard is qualified to deal with most health conditions. If you are unsure if the program is suitable for you just email and he will let you know what to do

14 Day Risk Free Trial.  Then Just $49 a Month For Full Access to The Members Area.  No Contract.  Cancel Anytime.  


And There Is Much, Much More...

Program Benefits

Finally there's:

No more jumping from diet to diet.

No more short-term fads

No more desperate strategies like shakes and bars

No more killing yourself with hours of exercise

No more stress

No more confusion

No more wasting your time

In fact...

Yes, you will have fast weight loss

Yes, it’s a simple system anyone can follow

Yes, 1000’s of women like you have already seen results doing it

Yes, you will have a long-term, proven strategy

Yes, you will be kept motivated so you can keep it off forever

Yes, you will have support along the way to keep you firmly on track

Yes, I will answer any burning questions you have at the back of your mind

Yes, you will get my best-kept weight loss secrets..


        Final Words...

        The longer you delay starting a diet and exercise programme such as Weight Loss Forever, you are stepping further away from health and vitality and having the body you have always wanted.

         There is a better scientific way to lose weight and tone up than what you have been told.   You are reading this right now, because you sense and know something needs to change right now in your life.

         Don’t put off your health any longer!

         Start to lose weight now and keep it off for life with Weight Loss Forever.

        For the price of the programme you would be able to afford less than 3 personal training sessions with me.

        And I'm pretty sure you have probably spent MORE than the cost of the program on useless supplements or unused gym memberships.

        I'm going to be straight with you now…

        If you are still reading this – you’re really interested.

        You're just waiting to take the plunge…so let me lay it on the line.

        You may not even need more motivation or me to kick your ass.

        You don’t need me to tell you to believe in yourself.

        You don’t need anyone’s permission to be a success.

        You probably don’t even need “help”, you wouldn't be here if you didn’t want to change something.

        In fact, all you probably need is a little direction and to follow a simple step-by-step plan that you know works.

        You only need some clear strategies and advice.

        One clear voice to guide you through the confusion.

        Listen, this is unlike anything else you’ve ever done before.

        It’s almost impossible for me to list everything that I'll cover and teach you about weight loss and fitness.

        Weight Loss Forever is A Program For Women Over 40

        14 Day Risk Free Trial.  Then Just $49 a Month For Full Access to The Members Area.  No Contract.  Cancel Anytime.  


          Our Iron Clad 14 Day Money Back Triple Guarantee

          Iron Clad, Triple Guarantee!

          Remember this is a 'risk free way' to make that change.  If you aren’t completely satisfied in 14 days (for any reason whatsoever), you have my rock solid 100% money back guarantee (no questions asked).

           1.  If you dont see the weight loss you desire in the first 14 days days on the program...

          2.  If you dont believe this is the easiest and most lifestyle friendly plan you have ever seen...

          3.  If you dont like the layout or the colour or anything about the program...

          I will refund ALL your money, every single penny AND you keep the bonuses for FREE.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Do You Have To Be Over 40 To Join The Program? +

          No women under 40 can do it too.  But just to be clear, the program is designed with women over 40 in mind.  It starts you off gently and builds you up slowly.  It takes into account the long term, like looking after and strengthening your pelvic floor, joints and back.

          What If Im a Beginner & Totally Unfit Right Now? +

          If you are a total beginner this programme is ideal.  It starts you off gently and builds you up slowly.  You have lighter options which will allow you to progress at your own pace.

          Some of Our Latest Success Stories

          One used-to-be couch potato client, at least one who felt limited by her pelvic floor and unfitness, was seen behaving out of character yesterday ... She was swimming with her children for 2 hours (including surfing rapids and doing ridiculous slides), then a rope climbing tree top adventure (200ft off the ground) and when the thunder storm hit - absailing out of the trees and then cycling home (uphill) in torrential rain....singing!


          Initially went to see Rich in the hope that he could help me lose weight and tone up but came out with so much more.    Already lost the weight I wanted to lose and am on my way to toning up .  However what I didn’t expect is that Rich digs deep and as a result is now working on fixing my pelvic floor, split abdominals (always wondered why I struggled with sit ups) and my stress levels!

          Maria Sansum

          Weight Loss Forever is A Program For Women Over 40

          14 Day Risk Free Trial.  Then Just $49 a Month For Full Access to The Members Area.  No Contract.  Cancel Anytime.