Are You Doing The Backstroke In Life?

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to change your ways, you get nowhere.

You just feel like you are going backwards in life.

And no matter how hard you have tried, you can’t stick to anything.

And deep down you know you are letting yourself down and are BETTER that that.

When people feel like this, sometimes they reach out to me in desperation . . .

They are of course looking for answers (and solutions) to improve the situation.

My take on this (as always) is simple, I have walked many a mile in those shoes.

I have pulled myself from ROCK bottom a few times in my life.

I did it with the help of others.

You need to make yourself accountable.

The fact is, you achieve more when you commit to something and are under a little outside pressure.

Just think back to when you were in school . . .

For lots of people this is a time when they achieve most.

It’s “the pinnacle” of many people’s lives.

They passed a few exams, because they HAD to.

The fact of the matter is, you achieve most when you’re accountable and you don’t have the option to just quit.

Like it or not, the school system holds you to a higher standard and makes you accountable, so you achieve much more.

So that’s what I think you should do if you feel like you’re doing the backstroke in life, commit to something that keeps you accountable to someone other than yourself.

That’s some free advice.

Everyday’s a school day around here.

For paid advice and to be held to a higher standard (like you were in school) go here:

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Richard Clarke

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