Are You Full Of It?

Normally when you say someone is full of shit, it refers to what they say.

But what if I said some people are literally full of poo.

Bowel movements are something that people don’t like to talk about, but its KEY to your overall functioning.

You know I’m not one to give you an easy ride, so here goes…


Someone asked me a question about a recent email/article I sent out?

‘Twas about gut transit time.

(The time it takes for something you have eaten to pass through your system.)

If you were wondering how you can tell what yours is, never one to disappoint – there is a test.

The test involves eating half a beetroot and checking how long it takes to “appear” if you are still with me.

A healthy gut transit time should be about 12-48hrs.

A poor one would be 72hrs or more.

The digestive system is meant to flow and to be kept moving.

It’s there to remove the goodness from our food and get rid of the waste amongst other things.

The digestive system is also responsible for getting rid of toxins from other parts of the body.

If your system is moving well, these toxins and unwanted waste are gotten rid of relatively quickly and efficiently.

However if the system is not functioning well, and you are constipated or a bit bunged up, then you can actually end up re-absorbing the toxins which are meant for removal.

Not what you want I can tell you.

You will feel terrible and tired out.

It won’t help your health or weight loss efforts one bit.

Plus if your gut is all backed up with many days of food, you are not absorbing the nutrients as well.

Basically your “furnace” is not burning the fuel very well because you are not cleaning and maintaining the system well enough for it to work properly.

Lots of women I work with get bunged up and constipated all the time.

Carrying around an extra 7lbs or more of waste inside their system.

What can you do I hear you say.

We have discussed the science behind it many times in both written and audio format so I will spare you the details.

For me personally, it’s bread and biscuits.


Have Less

-Foods that contain Wheat and gluten (bread, cereals, biscuits, beer, Ice cream)

-Food in general

Have More


-Veg – raw veg – salads and lightly steamed veg

-Natural live bio yoghurt


Give your digestive system a rest. Eat two meals a day or something.

Rich “Not Full Of Shit” Clarke

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