Bad Grampa & Good Grampa

My son has two Granddads.

One is called Grampa George (my fater-in-law).


One is called Bampa Tim (my Father).

One of them spends hours with my son doing things like:
-Drawing & painting (while listening to classical music)
-Reading books & going to the library
-Letters, spelling and words
-Numbers and counting

The other one spends hours with him teaching him to:
-Chew bubble gum
-Tell rude jokes
-Sing rude songs
-Ride a bike (without stabilisers)
-Shoot a pellet gun

As I see it, he basically has a GOOD grampa and a BAD grampa.

For example good grampa has taught my son how to read little books and write out his alphabet.

Bad grampa on the other hand taught him this song…

Have you ever seen a granny passing water …down by the old mill stream?

She can piss for an hour and a quarter …and you can’t see her arse for steam!

Now, when you come home from work and your sons singing that at the top of his little voice – you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

For those who don’t already know the answer I bet you can guess already…

My Dad is …BAD Grampa a.k.a – Bampa Tim.

He is a swine.

He is naughty.

And we love him.

He has always been the same, as you can tell some of his poor inappropriate humour has rubbed off on me.

Why am I telling you this?

Other than it’s funny…

Because, like my 5 year old son Louis, we all need a balanced input from our role models.

Some advice and skills from Grampa George and some advice and skills from Bampa Tim so to speak.

It makes us a more rounded person.

We all need to get a balanced input to our personal development.

Some sensible stuff, like good grampa helps with.

And, well, maybe some more “character building naughty stuff” from bad grampa.

That’s why, as a role model myself, I promote a balanced approach to my clients (and to you guys who follow the blog).


Eating healthy all week allows room for a treat on a weekend.

Isn’t that what everybody does when they are on a diet anyway?

Periods of good, clean, healthy living followed by periods of good old unhealthy living.

A balanced approach is needed.

A balanced approach in Wales means a pint in both hands 😉

But seriously, life is here to be enjoyed and that means enjoying the active lifestyle and healthy grub.

But also allowing room for some naughty stuff too if that’s what you like (It’s what my clients and I like).

Rich “Hope I’m Like Bad Grampa” Clarke

PS – In this week’s podcast we discuss:
– Can you exercise with exercise induced asthma?
– Is it safe to stop taking omeprazole?
– How to get your family fit
– Why we can suffer with colds
And more.


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