Beer & Rugby

Beer and rugby…

Used to be two of my favourite things.

I still LOVE rugby, but I don’t drink very much or very often anymore, but last Saturday I got a little drunk.

Luigi Diamanti
Luigi Diamanti

I went up Bon-Y-Maen rugby club for a reunion with all my old rugby mates.

In case you have been living on another planet for the last two months, last Saturday was Wales’ final six nations international against Italy until the Rugby World Cup in September.

We had a great day. Nice to see so many old faces made the effort, it’s kinda a reflection on us as a group, we were always a pretty solid bunch of lads, and on Saturday you could feel the love (or it may have been the booze).

Lots of beer was drunk and lots of reminiscing was done.

After the game we took a break from the boozing to do a little presentation to our old coach, the legend that is Neil Sturgess.

(side note: we all love Sturgy, despite what he used to call us and make us do in training plus he was the best coach I ever had)

One of the lads, our captain, Rich Scannell got up to say a few words and as he went to present the gift to Neil, one of the other boys stood on the gift and broke it into lots of pieces.

Med (Steve Ellis) couldn’t have had better/worse timing depending on how you look at it.

But no one really cared at that point.

We were all cheering and roaring with laughter.

I heard the next day, that after I went home, there was talk of starting a veterans team and having a few friendlies against some of our old rivals. (they must have been drunk)

Playing again sounds great after 6 (or 10) pints but not so great once you are sober, in my girly opinion.

Ok back to the rugby and todays lesson…

Before the day started the top three teams were tied on points and it was all coming down to the points difference.

Wales needed to get 38 points to put pressure on the Irish and the English – which we managed to do.

Ireland then needed to score more points than Wales – which they also managed to do.

Then it was all down to the last match, England needed to score more points than Ireland to win, which they didn’t quite manage (shame that).

The three games were the highest scoring of the whole tournament.

Tina Phillips
Tina Phillips

Each team had a specific target and one by one they nearly all achieved it.

Funny that.

It made me think if Wales had played their game last, and their target was higher would they have still achieved it?

I think there is a good chance we would have.

Having a specific target helps you achieve more than having no target at all.

Most of the time these teams have no points target.

They have targets for tackling and targets for penalties but not usually points, so this was a unique day in rugby.

I’m telling you this today for two reasons:

A. Don’t be a weirdo and be too healthy, a good night out with good friends can do you the world of good, it did for me.

And (more importantly)

2. If you have specific targets for your weight loss or training like when you get in shape for a holiday or xmas, you get better results.

Targeted, specific goals get more out of you.

So next time you decide to “get fit/in shape” (again) make sure you set a specific goal.

Something like I would like to lose 2 dress sizes in the next 12 weeks (which is what a few of the boys up the rugby club said they want to do).

Rich “odd shaped balls” Clarke

PS – all ladies groups are full again now. We have one space for a bloke, in a group held once a week…

In Tycoch

At 8.30am

On Tuesdays

Costing £120 every 12 weeks

Hit reply if you want to apply.


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