Benefits Of Rest And Recovery Between Exercise

A regular exercise routine can often be incredibly difficult to get into, one into the routine taking a day off exercising can lead to feelings of guilt. We aren’t telling you to tell 7 times a week so don’t worry about it … in order to maintain high performance and high intensity exercise (which will lead to the best results) your body needs time to rest and recuperate. The time between exercise sessions is the time that your body is able to repair and strengthen themselves; continuously training could potentially weaken you. The importance of rest days can’t be stressed enough, for recreational exercisers such as yourself rest days can be critical to strike a balance between home, work and fitness goals.

What happens to your body during recovery?

  • Adapts to the stress of exercise
  • Training effects take place
  • Replenish energy stores
  • Replenishes damaged tissue
  • Replenish fluid loss

After an intense workout an active recovery (short term recovery) takes place in the hours directly after exercise. It is to do with engaging in low intensity exercise after the intense workout, this involves the cool down phase and the days after exercise.

Replenishing energy stores after exercise is a very important aspect of rest and recovery, this can be done by re-hydrating yourself as well as a good post workout meal. A good post workout meal has to be high in protein, this will enable protein synthesis (the process of increasing the protein content of muscle cells, preventing muscle breakdown and increasing muscle size) to take place.

Beware of The Terrible Too’s 

We aim to build you up, not mess you up. Our level of intensity is set by each individual and we will encourage you to take it slowly in the beginning to let your body get used to the new routines. One thing which we will discourage is doing too much, too soon or going too fast – also know as the terrible too’s.

Body aches are fully expected if your body is not used to such high intensity training so don’t panic about that. If you are just aching and stiff from a previous session before you are due to start your next session, don’t worry just tell the instructor so they know and hopefully you should find you will be much looser once you have warmed up a bit. Just take it easy.

Hopefully some good advice there to take on board, regarding the importance of rest and recuperation in your training program.

Good Luck Guys


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