Can You Be Fat AND Fit?

Had a reaction from yesterday’s email:

If you missed it, I talked about how fat women apparently earn less than skinny ones. So lets have a quick look at some of the questions.


QUESTION #1: Who carried out this study, was it a man? Emma

ANSWER: No Emma, actually it was a woman named Jennifer Shinall who’s an Assistant Professor at Vanderblit Law School in Nashville Tennessee, and she specialises in employment discrimination. I read this story in the Guardian online.

Next question . . .

QUESTION #2: Hi Richard, I can relate to that, I have seen a girl come to work with me and she has been promoted within 18 months and Ive been here for nearly 6 years, and I havent even been asked for an interview. For years I admit I didn’t even want a promotion, I was happy and didn’t want the stress as I have such a busy home life. However, during the last year I have been more or less doing this girl’s job for her and I have just about had enough, I know I’m overweight but I can still do the job better than her.

I love your emails, I read them all, but the sad thing is I’m not sure I can lose the weight as I have left myself go so far. I was over 21 stone last time I checked.

How fast could I get to 13 stone? Anon

ANSWER: Thats a sad story on both fronts. To answer your question, I think if you gave yourself about eighteen months to two years, and were consistent, you could get the majority of that weight off. Ive just had one lady reach two years with me and she’s lost 9 stone 4lbs.

You can get more details on that down below.

Last question before I go and have some breakfast.

QUESTION #3: Hi Rich, thats not surprising, people are so judgemental. I go to the gym 3 times a week, and despite being 46 about 3 stone overweight, I think I’m pretty fit. I wondered can an overweight person who exercises still be fitter than someone who is thin and does nothing?

ANSWER: Yes you certainly can be fatter and fitter, and healthier too, than someone who is thin and does nothing. Exercise is probably the best thing you can do for your overall health, but eating properly is the best thing you can do for your weight.


Right, I m off for an omelette, over and out.

Richard Clarke

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