Lose Weight By Eating Delicious Tasty Meals

‘One of the biggest reasons for weight loss failure is people simply cannot stick to their “healthy eating”. They stick to it only for so long and then end up “giving in to temptation” before they eventually give up altogether.’

Sound Familiar?

That isn’t your fault, some of the mad diets and weight loss advice available to us today is down right crazy at times, there is no chance of long term success.

Most diets focus on a quick fix rather than long term sustainable changes.

Some people go calorie mad and this is their only focus, it can become a bit obsessive!

I would say that the only guarantee you get with some of these quick fix diets is you will put the weight back on and probably a bit extra to go with it.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

How about if I said to you I can give you a choice of 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners to pick n mix from over the next 30 days?

30 Breakfasts – fruit omelettes, crepes, granola or pancakes

30 Lunches – meatballs and spicy tomato sauce, chicken kebabs or prawn mango & avocado salad

30 Dinners – chicken curry, burger & chips, sticky chicken, fishcakes or salt & chilli squid

Sounds too good to be true but ALL these meals are CLEAN, boost weight loss and are FREE FROM:

  • Wheat
  • Dairy(except those listed)
  • Processed Foods
  • Sugar
  • Caffeine & Alcohol

I bet a few of you didn’t think you would see great tasting and healthy in the same sentence 😉

Believe me it IS possible

My new cook book ’30 Days Of Weight Loss’ gives you exactly that

All you have to do is pick one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner each day for 30 days.

Why not try out some delicious FREE samples:

Almond Pancakes

Chicken Kebabs

Salt n Chilli Squid

It couldn’t be easier!

Some of the benefits of my 30 Days Of Weight Loss cookbook include:

  • Drop unwanted body fat fast
  • Feel less bloated
  • You will never be hungry
  • You will have tonnes more energy
  • You will genuinely feel great

This programme takes all of the guess work and a lot of the hard work out of eating healthy, enabling you to get the best fat loss results.

You will get:

  • A 90 Recipe Cookbook
  • 30 Breakfast Recipes
  • 30 Lunch Recipes
  • 30 Dinner Recipes

If You Take Action Right Now The 30 Days of Weight Loss Cookbook is yours for the investment of just £12.99

On Saturday the price will go up to £8.99
On Sunday the price will go up to £9.99
From Monday onwards the price will go up to £12.99

Todays price is £8.99

On Sunday the price will go up to £9.99
From Monday onwards the price will go up to £12.99

Sunday price is £9.99

From Monday onwards the price will go up to £12.99

Click below to buy for just £12.99

*Please be aware that the 30 Days Of Weight Loss is a digital product (pdf file) and no physical product will be shipped

*Always consult with your GP prior to starting a new exercise regime

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    1. Check you email Kelly, its an automated system,you should of received it straight away. Just emailed it to you again anyway.

      Enjoy, Rich x

  1. Thanks cant wait to try these out, thanks to M Hart for putting me in touch, here;s to this baby weight finally going x the challenge is on 🙂

    1. Hi Jacquelyn, Glad you liked the free sample recipes they are a good starting point. Its always nice to say hello to new members of the blog. Good luck with the baby weight.

      Rich x

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