Dear Richard, forgive me for I have binged…‏

^^^This is what Debs sent me ^^^

I need a confession box.

Mondays are often CONFESSION days in my gym.

My clients are the sinners.

And it seems I’m “Father Richard”. wine

On this occasion Debs told me how she had felt like a “rock star” on the Saturday night.

Dancing til 3am.

She had never worn this particular dress because she didn’t feel confident enough.

But last week was different, she was feeling confident about her body. (she has been doing my program for the last few months)

And had LOADS of compliments about the dress and her figure.

With all these positive feelings, the drinks were going down TOO easily.

She ended up drinking WAY MORE than she normally would.

It was, as she said, a real BINGE.

Then she said on the Sunday she felt POISONED.

And she said she remembers why she doesn’t drink alcohol that often.

We all BINGE on times like Debs.

Luckily it didn’t affect her too much.

The problems begin when people are bingeing MOST EVENINGS OR MOST WEEKENDS.

Bingeing is both ENCHANTING & REPELLING all at the same time.

It feels so GOOD and then makes you feel so BAD.

Repeating this process week after week will definitely STOP your weight loss and slow any progress.

REMEMBER you can’t out train a bad lifestyle.

Just because you had a “good week” doesn’t mean you can binge on the weekend without any consequences.

My advice is to save your binges up for a special occasion.

And that doesn’t mean EVERY weekend.

Richard “loves a special occasion” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow we look at how to FIX a BROKEN diet plan.

Until then my friend…


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