28 Day Detox Course

Welcome to my 28 day detox course, here you will find all the information you need to transform your health in 4 weeks.

Below you will find links to the video from each detox week along with all the documents to help you on your journey.

Detox Session 1 

This will give you all of the information you need to know about why people detox as well as how to start your own. The video discusses which toxins trigger the need for a detox and show you how to adhere to the detox diet.

This session also gives you several documents which will help to answer all of your questions about a detox. Also features a shopping list for your first week.

Detox Session 2 

The second installment of your detox course analyses carb cycling, sleeping, cortisol, gut health, oral health and a few more tips to help you stick to your detox.

This session goes deep into the body and illustrates just what negative effects these harmful toxins have on our body. The role of your liver is looked into and how toxins limit it’s functioning.

This video also contains many different detox techniques which can help to maximise your results. It also contains a detox recipe book to give you some tasty new meal ideas.

Detox Session 4 

Session 4 is the last session of your detox and will give you some tips on how to stick to your detox when you’re away from home. The video also looks at portion sizes, salt, ditch kits and will then show you what to do next, beyond the detox.

This session contains a 28 day nutrition manual to help you keep the weight off and maintain your health post detox.


I hope you achieve all of the results you deserve.

Good luck,

Richard Clarke

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