Didn’t Try This Until I Was 30‏

I didn’t try an avocado until I was 30.

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My “nutritional IQ” as I call it was very low.

Don’t get me wrong I knew lots about carbs, fats and protein but not about actual food and making tasty recipes.

I put that down to my working class background, and my upbringing.

I’m more of a frying pan kinda guy.
(I cook an awesome steak and fried breakfast)

When I was growing up we had meals like cooked dinners, uncle bens sweet and sour cooking sauces, egg, beans and chips, sausage and chips, just chips.

In fact for a while it was a running joke, I would say to my mum

“What are we ‘aving with our chips tonight then mam?”

I’m guessing here but for lots of working class Welsh people an Avocado was not a regular on the menu.

I married a Sketty girl, so I’m half posh myself now 😉

That’s why I eat avocados and things like brie, smoked salmon, and asparagus. Yes I never ate asparagus until I was over 30 either.

When we got married I gained a 10 year old step daughter, who’s nutritional IQ was far higher than mine.

I remember when it was a special occasion we would go out to some of the posher restaurants in Swansea

I would always be surprised how my step daughter ordered dishes that I didn’t even recognise, like brie for example.

In Wales you could say some of us (my family anyway) are traditional (or you could say we are in the dark ages).

Especially when it comes to nutrition.

Like lots of people, we tend to stick to the foods we are used to – the food that we like the taste of.

Today I wanted to let you know the MASSIVE BENEFITS you will get just by learning to cook a few new recipes.

Fast recipes that taste J’amazing (you will have to watch chris lilly to get that one)

Last year, as many of you know, I brought out a cookbook.

Many of the recipes are FAST and EASY to make, taking less than 5-10 mins for you to prepare (plus cooking time of course).

Even I can make them, they are not hard once you have done them once.

The whole point of the cookbook was to help people to eat TASTY food that was also healthy and EASY to make.

As Jamie Oliver would say, they are bish bash bosh, easy.

This will improve your “nutritional IQ” and the higher your nutritional IQ the better the chance of you making lasting changes with your health.

Click here to get some free samples plus you can purchase all 90 recipes.

Rich “I’m no Jamie Oliver” Clarke

PS – This week I have a great guest on the radio show, Dr Nigel Plummber, he is a microbiologist and talks about the gut, antibiotics, probiotics and the importance of fish oils.


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