EP30 – Q & A – Dizziness, Childbirth, Breast Feeding, Skin Infection, Scarring, Acne, Bloating, Cramping, Salt.

In this Q and A Podcast Richard and Dr Mark answer the health questions which you have been sending into the show.

Some of the topics talked about on this episode include why a lady gets dizzy first thing in the morning (3:30), a gentleman suffering badly for over 9 months with a skin infection (8:05), also there is a question sent in from a lady who wants to know why she gets bloated after eating vegetables (12:10).

Richard and Mark also answer a question from a man who regularly suffers from cramp during sport (14:50) and they give some great advice on how to avoid cramping.

Remember if you have a question that you want answered by Richard and Mark then email the address in the show notes below.

Podcast below:

Show Notes

If you want to have your questions answered on the show then you can email Richard in as much detail as possible at:

info@richard-clarke.co.uk or contact Dr Mark via info@revolutionaryhealth.co.uk ,you can also contact Richard on twitter or Facebook with your question.

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If you want to find about rashes, and other skin complaints go to http://www.dermnetnz.org/


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