Donna’s Shocking Discovery About Her Thyroid Meds

Saw an interesting post from a friend of mine, Donna. She kindly agreed for me to share it with you scallywags.

Taken directly from her Facebook post, she said:

“We live and learn.  I have been diagnosed with an under active thyroid for nearly 3 years now…I take my medication and will have to for life, no worries, I eat healthy, train very hard…first time ever I have researched my condition. And get this a lot of the healthy foods ive been eating are counteracting my medication, so its like I’m not taking my medication….Three years of being tired still, hoarding weight and now I know why…..DOH….First day yesterday not eating those foods or drinking coffee and I swear I’m less bloated, bring it on”.

Lots of you may be on thyroid medication, or just medication of some kind, or maybe know someone who is, it is very common.

Know this, many healthy foods COUNTERACT medications

AND, it’s important if you are on any meds that you check for potential conflicts with the foods you eat.

For example for Donna it was that coffee and Spinach (iron) were counteracting her thyroid meds (if taken at the same time).

You could say “I didn’t know”.

You could say “the Dr didn’t tell me”.

But at the end of the day it’s your responsibility to read the leaflet inside and make it your business to know this stuff.

Over and out.

Richard Clarke

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