Don’t Feed Stray Cats

Don’t feed stray cats…

…Because if you do, they will keep coming back.

This is what a guy said on a podcast I listen to.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks.

You know that feeling when you think “that’s me”.

It reminded me of how I was when I was younger.

I loved helping stray cats, or so to speak.

I’m a bugger for a sob story and a hard luck case.

I’m a big softie underneath this harsh exterior.

It’s a good thing to have empathy but when you end up with lots of stray cats in your life, it messes things up.

I used to struggle to NOT to help people.

Helping is like a disease.

It’s hard to just turn it off.

Sometimes these people weren’t even asking for my help, I would just give it, not a good idea.

One day someone explained that I wasn’t really helping them.

I was only making things worse and perpetuating the problem.

They were becoming more dependant on my little bits of input

Just like stray cats become dependant upon the scraps we may give them.

But what I can do is try to encourage them to be independent.

Via my free articles and podcast

I provide people with the tools and information they need to do it for themselves and become free from the pain that being out of shape is causing them.

Once people start to become independent, and self sufficient they can move forward in life.

The highest state of living is called “interdependency” where you work with others and are dependant on each other to achieve your goals and be happy.

Like marriage 😉 (kinda….)

Rich “Here Kitty Kitty” Clarke

PS – keep an eye out tomorrow as I ask

“If you could have one super power, what would it be?”

Plus I will tell you what mine is, prob not what your expecting

Until then my feathered friend


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