Double Chins, Chipmunk Cheeks & Puffy Eyes

^^^A few signs that you are holding water LIKE A SPONGE^^^

Water retention is a swine.

It’s often to blame for FAST weight gain, like when you gain 4lbs or more over a weekend.

With some of the girls I can see it when they walk through the door.

Lots of the water retention shows up on your face and jawline.

And of course lots of it sits around your tummy and hips.

Water retention can also affect your lower legs, feet and ankles, but hands and arms are all affected too.

Angela, one of my lovely ladies, used to have up to 7lbs water retention IN A DAY.

That’s soul destroying.

It’s not so bad now she is following my advice.

And to top it all off, it’s much worse before (and sometimes during) your monthly cycle.

An important point if you are trying to lose weight, water retention precedes REAL weight gain in the form of BODY FAT.

So if you can stop water retention, you will maintain your weight much easier and actually STOP body fat from getting a foothold.

And the easiest thing you can do to stop water retention is to drink more water.

I will spare you the whys and what fors.

Of course there is more to losing lots of weight week in week out than just drinking water.

To learn my tried and tested methods to counteract water retention, and discover what to eat and when to eat it, grab a bottle of water and head over here (you’ve got 3 options)

  1. My online academy –
  2. One-one/group training –
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