Eating To Starve Cancer [VIDEO]‏

I just watched a video that, in my opinion should be on mainstream TV (instead of most of the crap that’s actually on there).

This video has the power to save you and your family from lots of pain and heart ache.

It’s about cancer.

The topic of cancer is close to my heart as some of my family and friends are going through different stages of it right now.

The video is pretty short at just 20 minutes.

But some of you are too busy and just won’t have the time to watch it.

I understand.

So I’m going to be kind and if you don’t have the time, I will let you know what it said.

In a nutshell.

As I understood it, scientists have discovered a way to help people with cancer.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work for everyone because people have different types of cancerous tumours and sometimes it’s just too late.

But, Dr Li said, if you DON’T have cancer, it works much better.

He said:

“Eating your food is like having chemo therapy three times a day”.

Certain foods are proven to stop the tiny cancerous cells (which are normal) growing into the dangerous tumours which have their own blood supply and will kill you.

The reassuring thing was that most of the foods which were recommended by the doctor are already included in my meal plans.

Plus he spoke about the power of different types of teas in reducing some cancers.

You should know that Earl Grey tea – is some very powerful stuff when it comes to cancer.

Get yourself a cup and watch the video.

Here is that  again:

Richard Clarke

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Please let me be clear, I can’t of course guarantee than you or anyone won’t get cancer.  But I can be pretty sure that whatever comes your way, cancer or not, you will be better off for having invested your time and efforts into doing some healthy stuff for your body.

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