Ex-member Janet Still On Track After 2 Years

In reply to a recent email “10 reasons to exercise even if you’re not losing weight”, ex-member Janet writes:


Too true! A course of 12 weekly sessions with you definitely put me on the right track and 2 years on I’m doing fine. I will always appreciate the techniques and information I learned in your classes. I still read the emails too.


Janet from Maesteg


People travel from far and wide – ish – to learn my wicked ways. Ive members from Cardiff, Newport and even Maesteg. Apparently what I offer isn’t readily available elsewhere.

Anyway I digress, the NEW gym is getting nearer to accepting NEW members.

We hope to get a few members initiated this month. If you would like to be one of those few, you’ll need to fill out a form via the link below.

To get yourself on the right track like Janet, go here:


Richard Clarke

PS – If exercise seems like a bit of a leap right now, but you still want to drop some weight quickly, maybe you’d benefit from trying out one of the slimming clubs.

They are not like the other popular slimming clubs, for one we WONT encourage you to eat processed foods like snack-a-jacks and drink diet coke everyday, and then have the gaul to tell you its (cough) part of a healthy diet.

What we will do is teach you how to how to lose weigh fast and easy, eating tasty grub.

We even teach members how to make their own “ready meals” for when your in a rush, allowing you to eat naturally no matter what.

You can see the details for that, also via the link above.

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