Exactly why most slimming clubs tell big fat lies

Friday, I asked my slimming members “If you were to tell a colleague about our slimming clubs, what would you tell them is the unique reason you’re here, that you simply can’t get anywhere else?


Rhian Elizabeth wrote:

“It is genuinely the best guidance you can have for your health with the weight loss benefits too!! You may lose weight with other slimming clubs, however you will still be eating unhealthy foods and damaging your health, for example other slimming clubs promotes processed foods, foods which are if not high in sugar, high in bad alternatives such as sweeteners, other slimming clubs don’t make you aware of the fact that carbs turn to sugar in your body, other slimming clubs promotes that as long as food is low fat it is healthy, which is not true. Weight loss and health are of highest importance in this club, which is a breath of fresh air!”


I agree Rhian, the other clubs don’t tell the truth.

There were lots of similar responses, from other happy members. Which, in time, I will share with you.

If you’ve been a member before, you’re probably thinking, “I already know this”.

But, if you’ve NEVER been a member of our slimming clubs before, remember before you risk a single penny, you can try a class to see if you like it. Plus, in addition to that, now is a great time to join, because for the next 12 weeks (from this week, right up until the end of November) we will be knuckling down and sorting ourselves out so we are looking reem (not sure what that means but the kids are all saying it) before all the Xmas parties and shenanigans start.

For membership info, and to claim a trial class, go here:


Richard Clarke

PS – To rejoin: If you’ve been a member in the past, but haven’t been for a while, you don’t need to fill out a form, just contact your leader to get restarted or hit reply.

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