Finally, the little swines are going back to school

Its been a tough summer for parents:

No time.

Eating badly.



You literally love them one minute, and you’re ready to throttle them the next. Of course, nothing lasts forever, and now the time has come for the little swines to go back to school.

Thank the Lord.

For tired out parents this means a couple of things (1) getting back to a routine, and (2) losing any timber you’ve gained during the summer.

Lots of folks have been on holidays, and have had a relaxing summer.

So here’s the plan:

In our slimming clubs, where we work exclusively on health and weight loss, we will be focusing on kicking your gluteus maximus back into shape in the next 12 weeks. We will pull out all the stops. The target is to teach you our wicked ways, and for you to drop at least 20lbs before the end of November. That way you can relax knowing you’ll fit into your favourite dress and feel comfortable (maybe even confident) when the Xmas parties start.

Also, if you commit yourself, you can save £10. When you re/join it will only cost £65 for 12 weeks of classes, meal plans and support.

To get in while the goings good click here:

Richard Clarke

PS – If you’ve been before, just contact your leader to let them know you want to come back or hit reply and let me know.

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