Food V Booze – Really?‏

Ok I’m on a bit of a rant today, and my topic of choice:


Lemme explain…someone said to me, they save money on groceries, so they have enough left over for the fun stuff (alcohol).

I’m not surprised that people try to save money on food, so they have more money left for BOOZE.

Does this only happen in Wales? I doubt it.

I get it, food can be expensive and you want to save a couple of quid.

So you get the cheapest food you can buy.

As I said, I’m Welsh, generally we are a poor nation and I understand what it’s like to have to watch every penny.

I also understand the mindset that food is a waste, and booze is not.

And to many, food seems like a big expense.

Most people eat around 20-25 meals a week.

Statistics state that for a family of 4, the average weekly cost per person for grocery shopping in the UK is £22.

People are spending £1 or less per meal, by buying cheap, poor quality food.

It leads me to ask: what’s the REAL cost of buying CHEAP food to have more left for booze?

Are you really saving anything in the long run?

And that’s what it often comes down to:

Some people think ahead and plan for the future

And some crazy mofo’s, well they live for the now and say to hell with the future.

Yes, you may save a few pennies, but you are risking your overall health.

Yes, I know, the stupid is strong with these people, and I can’t help them if they make dumb decisions like prioritising booze over food.

But for the smart ones amongst you, who would never sacrifice the nourishment of good food for the buzz of good booze,

I can teach you a new way of life, using my highly effective, yet very wicked ways:

Richard Clarke

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