Greedy Eyes Are Never Satisfied‏

I think it’s a first, today I’m quoting the bible.

Did you ever hear the saying:

Greedy eyes are never satisfied.

I had never heard it until recently, and as is often the case, the words came to me when I most needed them.

You see, I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was feeling ungrateful.

I was getting stressed about not having enough people in my new diet club.

My initial target was 30 women, and we had 33, but I still wanted more, and I was actually getting stressed and impatient about it which was, very ungrateful of me.

I was being a greedy douche bag.

But I “caught” myself.

And quickly had a chat with HQ (my other self).

And when I read that quote from the good book, it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

Which is what I needed.

I had lost perspective.

And I realised that “I would never be satisfied because I was being greedy”.

It’s all about perspective.

And my perspective was that I wanted MORE MORE MORE.

I see this a lot in the women I work with.

Do you ever become GREEDY about your weight loss?

Even when you have lost loads, you’re still not happy and want even more weight loss?

You have greedy eyes too, and will never really be satisfied and happy UNTIL you change how you see things.

Listen, you go getter, it’s ok, to want more, and be ambitious.

BUT not at the detriment of you feeling satisfied and HAPPY with what you have already done/achieved.

And with a little positive self talk, I FLIPPED those negative feelings around in a few minutes.

And the good news is you can do this too, just by changing your GREEDY eyes for satisfied eyes.

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Richard Clarke

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