He Told Her He Didn’t Fancy Her Anymore‏

I have always said that men who say they don’t fancy their wives because they are fat, are total knob heads.

But now I’m not so sure…get a load of this…

You may or may not have seen an article in the Daily Mail a few weeks ago.

It was a cracker.

And it got me thinking.

It was about a woman who’s husband told her he found her more attractive when she was slimmer.

She asked for it in fairness.

She was wondering why they were not intimate anymore, when she really wanted to be.

She asked him

“Do you find me attractive anymore?”.

He said the obligatory “yes of course I do”.

She wasn’t having any of that and kept pushing and said

“Is it because I’m fat?”

“Go on admit it” she said.

And he did…

“I did find you more attractive when you were slimmer”.

Initially she was heartbroken, like many women she had always believed that

“your man should desire you no matter what you look like”.

^^^^Do you believe that?^^^^

Would you desire a man who had put on a lot of weight?

Who looked a million miles from the man you married?

Or is the question – SHOULD you have to?

They had been married for 12 years, and she had changed a lot.

She was unrecognisable from the woman he married.

Having had four children and suffering from depression, the poor cow had put on 6 stone.

He hadn’t changed much at all and looked the same.

The lady admitted she is now a totally different version of the woman her husband fell in love with.

He said he “felt like a carer not a lover”.

She admitted that they were more like friends.

He was always supportive.

But no longer affectionate.

She hated her body.

She understood why he didn’t want to have sex.

If she hated her body, was it so hard to believe that he didn’t like it much either?

It’s a well known fact that men choose their partners based on looks.

This man is not programmed to fancy bigger women.

His noodle won’t stand to attention if you catch my drift.

We are animals what can I say.

Anyway cut a long story short

she was motivated by what he said

decided to get in shape

and lost a load of weight

and is looking more like herself again.

She said she wanted “to be that confident, sexy woman that not only he loved but that she loved too.”

“for many women being told they are too fat to fancy, would be a blatant and unforgivable infringement on the rules of marriage”

Some of you may still think he was a cheeky bastard for saying it.

I think the WAY he said it counted for a lot.

He wasn’t an ass hole about it, he just told the truth.

Which is what she wanted.

(Although it hurt, she actually thought he was brave to tell the truth)

Funnily enough…

That’s what a lot of my successful clients love the rare commodity that is…

The truth.

The whole fucking truth.

For someone to tell them what their husbands or friends dare not, won’t, don’t want to or can’t…

-That they need to lose some weight

-That they drink too much

-They don’t look as good as they could

-They are doing themselves a disservice

-They are addicted to sugar/wine/chocolate/fruit

-They are awkward/spoilt little madams

-They need to grow up and act like an adult

-They need to stop with the excuses and put in the elbow grease needed for more than 5 days





Are you ready for the truth?

I must warn you it stings a little, but it is good for you.

Rich “a teller of truth” Clarke

PS – Off down the caravan again this weekend school holidays are here, let the fun begin.

See you next week.


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