How Do Lobsters Grow?‏

Ok this may seem a bit weird my friend, but stay with me, therein lays a cracking lesson to help you.

An old Jewish man asked the question that I’m sure you have wondered over too:

“How do lobsters grow?”

He went on to explain…

“They are soft creatures that live in a hard shell.

But the shell does not expand.

So how can a lobster grow?

As it grows the shell becomes very tight, and the lobster feels its self under pressure and feeling uncomfortable.

So it hides under a rock, casts off its shell and grows a new, bigger, one.

And then eventually the next shell also gets tight and uncomfortable.

And the lobster repeats this lots of times.”

The old man finally said:

“The stimulus for the lobster to be able to grow, is that it feels uncomfortable”.

It’s an interesting story.

And suggests that stress is the stimulus for growth.

And I have to agree,”what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger” and all that.

It’s only with hindsight that we are able to see this, So if you’re feeling uncomfortable and stressed out, you may find it hard to see it as a chance to bloody grow.

But lets say the problem causing your stress is not going to go away.

And like the lobster you feel uncomfortable, on a daily basis.

And you’re thinking…what can you about it?

I’m glad you asked…It’s simple, you can reduce your stress by eating correctly.

Being well nourished can improve your ability to deal with stress MASSIVELY.

Which is what lots of people need, to just be better at dealing with stress, because the source of the stress isn’t going anywhere soon.

So following a well designed nutrition plan, with a few choice supplements included, can dramatically improve how you deal with stress.

And dealing with stress more effectively is a sign of growth.

Richard Clarke

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