How Emma got rid of her flubber AND kept it off

Self proclaimed changed woman and slimming club member, Emma writes:


“Hi Rich, Hope you are well, read your email about the spanks and quick fixes, spot on, that was my method!

Now I’m a changed woman 🙂 looking back the big realisation was that I wasn’t satisfied with the life I was living, I had no energy and was tired all the time, and none of the diets were working in the end. In my desperation I even took Ephedrine, which I later found out was illegal and just made things much worse. It was after this that I decided enough was enough and I started on your plan and haven’t looked back. Although I havent been to class since last year when I lost the 3 stone, I still follow all your advice, read every email and I’ve kept the flubber off for the last 6 months, no more yo-yo-ing for me.

With every plan you need to put in some effort and your plan is no harder than any other ive done, in some ways its easier because as I lost the weight, I just felt healthier and my energy came back, and all because of the stuff you taught me. You are teaching what women need to know but so many of them are just stuck in their ways like I was.

Thank you so much X”


If I had a heart, I’d be blushing.

Energy problems and a lack of results on the scales when your slimming are sure fire signs you’re doing something wrong.

Slowly, the educated few are realising the energy building power of eating good food.

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Richard Clarke

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