How my Dad had his Chemotherapy Cancelled

I’ve been urged to share this story:

My Dad has an inoperable Tumour wrapped around his spine as well as secondary types of cancer.

He had chemo 5 years ago, which helped stop some of it.

He now has regular tests to keep an eye on things, he’s not clear or in remission, but he is living with cancer.

At a recent review, the oncologist told my Dad, his blood tests were showing that the cancer “levels” had increased.

And she sent him for more tests, scans and a bone marrow sample, and said he would likely need more Chemotherapy.

It hit us all for six.

After so many years in recovery, without any problems, the cancer had gone to the back of our minds. We’d started to live life normally again. NOW, we were reminded that the cancer could come back at anytime.

After the initial tests were complete, there was a wait of a few weeks to see the doctor, which is the hardest part, waiting and not knowing what’s wrong.

Then when my Dad saw the Dr, and had more tests, she said, “there has been a change in your bloods since the last test, and you dont need chemo right now”.

Everyone was pleased.

It was a reprieve.

For now at least.

What changed in those three weeks? between the first blood test where the Dr said he will likely need chemo, to the second test where he didn’t?

I will tell you what changed.

When my Dad first had cancer, he followed a strict food and supplement regime (well as strict as he could manage, it had to include beer, or in his words, “he might as well be dead”). But over time, as the cancer faded to the back of our minds, so he forgot to take the supplements and eat the cancer fighting foods.

That was until he had the recent FRIGHT, then he resumed all the healthy stuff, eating right and taking his supplements.

Can I prove that this stuff changed his blood results?


Was it a coincidence? Maybe.

and any Doctor could rubbish what I’ve said quite easily as anecdotal nonsense.

But our family believe it was the food and supplements regime.

Something to think about.

Richard Clarke

PS – There are no guarantees we wont get cancer or that we will win the fight if it comes our way, but I know first hand the power of good food, exercise and supplementation, in combination with conventional approaches like radiation and chemo, will tip the balance in our favour.

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