How Nicola Lost 47lbs in 12 Weeks

“Vitality” Programme member Nicola Barcello-Davies loses 47lbs and is physically and mentally stronger than she has ever been.  She proclaims:
“I can’t put into words how grateful I am for Richard’s support over the past 12 weeks. I couldn’t have achieved  the weight loss or self development without him.
If you are tired of failing at fad diets and regaining lost weight; this is the guy you need to meet. He tailors the program to your specific health needs and physicality.
He is very knowledgeable and is sensitive to the most intimate of female problems without judgement. I am 47lbs lighter and markedly stronger both physically and mentally than I have ever been.
Richard is different from the personal trainers that you are used to; forget the stereotypical trainers and give the low impact, healthy, holistic, alternative approach a go.
You won’t be disappointed x.”
*The Pics include some awesome, and quite private photos of her amazing 12 week transformation.
Nicola joined my “Vitality” Programme and did above average things.
She wont mind me saying, but before she joined our programme, she’d dropped 6 stone herself. Bu she had lost momentum and couldn’t lose any more weight, she had hit a plateau.
That was until she started our programme.
The programme is grate for fast weight loss, but its also great for getting things moving again if you’ve slowed down or stopped losing.
Plus, the bigger you are the more you can lose on this programme.
For more details, and to maybe get results like Nicola, see below:
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