How this mother of two gets daughter eating shed-loads of SALAD

I mostly work with women over 40. However, I do have other members who are using my simplistic approach to change their lives too.

Take mother of two Alison, she is making some fabulous changes for herself and her kids, she writes:


Since signing up to your sessions, we are considerably more mindful about our food and lifestyle choices. I feel we have made some fabulous changes, e.g. My son refused to eat scrambled eggs, and I wanted to introduce them as a breakfast option. So, I taught him how to cook them and he is now “Billy Whizz”!! He makes (and eats!) delicious scrambled eggs and serves them with salad!

My daughter’s appetite, although still generous, has decreased. We went out for a meal with the wider family on Sunday, and she refused dessert as she was full! She is drinking tons of water and eating shed loads of salad, out of choice! Ami is experimenting with lots of your recipes over the hols.

We have a long way to go. Incorporating small, subtle changes is having a positive impact on our health.

Enjoy your day! Ali xxx


Like many adults, kids these days are in a mess because of the food they are eating. They don’t know any different, kids will eat rubbish if you let them, my son included, and as parents we need to take responsibility, and put some basics in place:

-Less junk

-More water and vegetables

-Maybe a multi-vitamin and some fish oil.

Alison didn’t like what she was seeing, so she took her family by the scruff of the neck and started to make changes.

Many of my members NEW eating habits often filter down to the rest of the family, the partners and the kids all benefit.

Enter my slimming programmes.

The meal plans include many friendly meals like meatballs, turkey burgers, fish cakes and shepherds pie, so they wont even notice when you are giving them healthier options.

Membership info can be found here:

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