How To Eat Bacon & NOT Get Cancer

Some interesting news updates for you today…

As with lots of health issues, I have been banging on about this one for years.

But last week in the British press there was quite a big story about PROCESSED

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have come out and said that processed meat, like bacon, causes cancer.bacon

Processed meat is any meat that’s had its life extended by processes such as smoking, curing, adding SALT or CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES.

Meats which are subject to this are usually the JUNK FOODS…

Hot dogs
Corned beef
Beef jerky
Tinned meats

How does this happen?

It’s suggested on the BBC website that:
“Carcinogenic chemicals can form during meat processing”

^^^ read that again^^^

The problem arises once the genius food scientists add their magic chemicals to the meat.

So, based on that, the point I wanted to make today was it’s easy to AVOID this little problem.

Don’t buy processed meats.

It seems to me, that in the UK it’s best to buy your meat and poultry from a local
butcher NOT a supermarket.

Local butchers don’t “process” their products.

Or mine doesn’t anyway.

Lets take my beloved bacon for example.

Supermarket bacon has additives, salts and preservatives added to it.

Did you ever see the WHITE stuff that comes off it when you cook that crap?

My butchers bacon is just sliced from the pork and nothing else done to it, when you cook that stuff, nothing leaks out of it except the natural fats.

It’s the same as his turkey burgers, beef burgers and sausages.

All completely natural ingredients.

Plus the local butchers are often cheaper than the supermarkets on most products.

My wife uses a lot of ham with the kids.

Now this is one product which is CHEAPER in the supermarkets.

The best thing to do is to cook a piece of ham yourself and slice it.

Or just invest an extra 50p or so in better quality ingredients.

My advice – eat fresh, seasoned and local and you will be alright.

Don’t be afraid of meat, just processed foods in general.

As a bonus for you, I did a podcast about all this, with my buddy Kevin, a master
‘award winning ’ butcher for over 40 years.

I know – I spoil you.

You can listen to that here:

In other news…

Scientists have confirmed a woman can actually smell Parkinson’s disease with
100% accuracy.

She can tell, just by smelling a T shirt they have worn.

Richard “news” Clarke

PS – tomorrow I have a story for you from the wild west about horses, and I will reveal how it relates to you and your weight loss efforts.

Keep an eye out for that…


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