“I don’t see the problem with HIIT, my joints are fine”

In response to yesterday’s email about HIIT training being stupid. Subscriber Lorraine writes:


“I’ve been doing HIIT for years and feel great. I’m a busy mum in her 40’s, and I ‘m much fitter and much stronger than most of my friends who keep fit, and I put it down to doing HIIT training. I don’t see the problem, my joints are fine. What say you to this Mr Clarke?”


That may be the case Lorraine.

Right now.

Fast forward another 10 years and see how you’re doing then.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some athletes and soldiers who age well and escape the joint problems and weight gain.

However, the vast majority – by the time they reach their 50’s – are already screwed. Ex athletes and soldiers, at least the ones I know, often struggle to control their weight when they retire, because the amount of exercise they do decreases significantly. This only makes their joint problems much worse and will likely speed up their decline and inevitable need for a major knee or hip replacement.

The lesson is: if you LOVE to exercise, and want it in your life forever, you need to plan your physical activities with the future in mind.

Anyway, I have no idea if this helps anyone.

But, maybe someone needed to hear it.

If you’re that person, and you want to learn how to exercise correctly, safely and get better, not worse, with age, then check out one of my personal training programmes.

They won’t teach you how to train like an athlete or a soldier.

But, they will teach you how to exercise and make your body as injury proof as possible, whilst strengthening your knees, back and shoulders.

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Richard Clarke

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