I Have Something Personal To Confess

Ok hot lips, I have a confession.

I don’t usually share this stuff. I’m a bloke.

But I wanted to let you know I have been struggling.

Really struggling.

I have been feeling terrible.depressed DPC

I have been hanging on BIG time over the last couple of months.

I have felt really tired.

I have been really stressed.



EVEN angry at times.

I have felt so overwhelmed that at one point I wanted to give up and had a bit of a meltdown.

I’m not after any sympathy, it’s all my own fault.

See earlier this year I set a goal.

To write a book, rebrand the entire business, and bring out a new online programme to help my lovely ladies to get in shape.

I had never done this before, and I underestimated the amount of work involved.

Once I realised this, I had to “crank it up”.

I explained to my wife what had happened, that I had made a mistake.

And that she wouldn’t see me much for the next two months, including the school holidays.

I gave up all my days off, forfeited my time with my family

Most evenings I stayed up until the “job was done”.

Costa coffee was my new best friend.

With all this going on, I wasn’t really “present” in life.

My head was full of ideas and tasks.

And as a result,

I neglected my family and neglected myself and lost sight of the bigger plan.

Why am I telling you this?

How does it relate to you, your health and weight loss?

A couple of reasons…

Firstly, I’m telling you this so you realise I’m human and my life is not all sunshine and roses.

I make mistakes.

Life gets the better of me too.

And secondly, I have clients going through some tough stuff at the minute.

And they are SUCCEEDING despite life being a bitch.

So today I want to remind you what REAL stability means….

Keeping the bigger plan in mind when things don’t go exactly as you want.

Sticking to your training and diet plan, despite life and everything it throws at you.

Like some of my ladies who are in situations like this:

-Having work done on the house and have not even got a kitchen.

-Losing a loved one because of cancer or ill health or tragedy

-Going through relationship breakdowns and messy divorces

-Starting new businesses

-Moving house

People like this are all still seeing results, despite their personal situations.

They call it THE GAME OF LIFE.

And it’s a nice way to think of it.

Today I want to tell you to just STAY IN THE GAME.

Even if you aren’t playing that well.

Eat as well as possible.

Do one exercise session a week just to maintain your fitness.

If you keep the bigger plan in mind, things will return to normal at some point.

Richard “prefers a quiet life” Clarke

PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow to hear about a lady who was frustrated and confused by her lack of weight loss, despite sticking to her diet.

Find out some of the advice I gave her and why.

Until then my friend….


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