I Will Be Happy When…

People say the secret to happiness is freedom.

We all say we want happiness.

But very few people are truly happy, because they don’t have freedom.

They are always seeking the next big purchase.

Always wanting to HAVE MORE STUFF.

Always telling themselves that all you need is to have X  and THEN “I will be happy”.

Does this sound familiar?

I used to be like that too.

Earning and spending because I thought it was the solution to my problems.

And you know what, it worked, for a while.

I was happier, or so I thought.

The truth was it was temporary, I was only happy UNTIL I decided I wanted MORE.


It would NEVER be enough.

Because I was not really happy to start with.

And there in-lies the problem.

So as far as I can tell, if the secret to happiness really is freedom, then the route to freedom is:


My problem was I was spending money faster than I could make it.

I was a true weekend millionaire.

Out on the town, big wad of cash in my pocket, sure to spend the lot.

Apparently many people spend 25% MORE than they earn.

So what did I do to turn it around?

I was already MAXED OUT working as much as I could and up to my limit on my overdraft and credit cards.

No room to manoeuvre.

I decided it was either a life living like this, skint, depressed and unhappy, or I had to change my ways.

I had no choice, as far as I was concerned, I was close to bankruptcy and losing

I stopped SPENDING.

Started SAVING.

The first time I had saved a £1000, that night I sleep like a baby.

I started to see how much more enjoyable life was when you didn’t sail so close to the wind.

Well blow me down, I was happier, when I didn’t WASTE MY MONEY living like a celebrity.

Things which make me happy now:

1.  Money in the bank reduces my stress 
(I’m still not great with money, good at earning it but terrible at managing it, but getting better)

2.  Spending time with my wife and kids.
Either down the caravan, walking or playing various games. Football and monopoly come to mind.

3.  Chicken & Chips and a pint of beer.
You see it’s the simple things which make me tick now.

If anyone else is going through this sort of stuff, and are not happy, my advice would be to focus on getting some FINANCIAL FREEDOM/STABILITY first.

If you already have it, good for you.

If you have financial freedom but are still not happy, then I would guess you don’t have any time to yourself or to spend having fun with your loved ones.

Get off the treadmill of work, and take more TIME to have regular breaks.

Appreciate the simple things in life.

Think on that.

You need to be happy where you are right now, otherwise it’s unlikely you will ever be happy with more MONEY & STUFF.

Richard “simple life” Clarke

PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow to learn why so many people, including me, are DELUSIONAL when it comes to getting in shape and achieving our goals.

Chow for now…


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