“Im as low as a snakes belly” (depression and how to help it)

^^^That’s how she felt ^^^

She said: “I don’t know what’s wrong, nothing makes me happy anymore”.

She went on to say she had a good life, ON PAPER.

Nice house
Nice car
Kids to be proud of
A hard working husband who loved her
No real financial problems

Despite all this, she still felt depressed.

There was no reason she could think of but she just felt EMPTY.

No motivation to do anything.

She had been to see the Doc and as is normal, he said its a chemical imbalance, and gave her antidepressants, and referred her for counselling.

After 8 weeks the tablets were helping slightly and she ONLY had to wait 6 months to see the counsellor. (I know terrible right)

Trouble was since taking the medication, her appetite had increased and she had gained 10lbs, antidepressants do this.

Now for ANY lady who is already feeling depressed, a sure fire way to make things worse is for her to GAIN 10lbs.

This set of circumstances happens every day in Dr’s surgeries all over the UK, women who need to “change their brain chemistry”, and feel better, are
being given pills which make them hungrier, and fatter.

That’s certainly one approach to change brain chemistry.

But hows about trying this crazy approach instead: eating a natural diet and doing some light exercise like walking. I know its insane.

You see, the thing with food and exercise is – they are the most UNDERUSED antidepressants in the WORLD.

Exercise increases serotonin, and eating good food improves your brain chemistry too.

Strange how thats not suggested by GP’s eh.

The lady in question knew she couldn’t wait 6 months for the counselling and keep taking the medication, because that time she could be 2-3 stone heavier.

So she came to see me, and the rest is history.

Food and exercise kicks the ass of a pill.

So that’s my advice for today.

If you feel as low as a snakes belly, remember that in the long term EXERCISE and FOOD “therapy” is a better option than Citralapam or whatever else the Doc is trying to give you.

Richard Clarke

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