It Doesn’t Lie

Ok sweet cheeks, this may sting a little…

There is no sugar coating this.

Your BODY doesn’t lie.

It’s a reflection of YOU.

Where you are right now.

Like it or not.  fat DPC

Accept it or not.

It’s the REALITY.

It’s the TRUTH.

Not the BS you tell yourself.

It’s a reflection of how WELL you look after yourself.

It’s the reality of how well you’re doing.

Hate to break it to you, but you can’t be healthy AND overweight or obese.

The fact you have gained weight is a reflection of

what YOU eat

YOUR emotional state

the way YOU live.

It’s a good indicator and SAYS a lot about YOU.

Which maybe in stark contrast to what YOU THINK about it.


It’s all because you are delusional.

We ALL are.

Myself included.

We tell ourselves lies – ALL THE TIME.

The world is not as you see it.

You view the world via your paradigm. (that’s just posh talk for perspective)

And your perspective is “warped” by your experiences. That’s why you think you’re “ok” when you’re really not.

You’re telling yourself porky pies (lies).

But that’s not a bad thing, we all do it but it can be your UNDOING if you believe these lies.

They will lull you into a false sense of comfort and make you delusional.

Richard “are you delusional?” Clarke

PS – I’m taking Mrs C and the kids down to the coast in West Wales for the weekend.

Have a nice one and I will catch you Monday.

And please try and behave yourself this weekend and stick to a plan, and I don’t mean being a saint.

Alison hasn’t been a saint and has lost 11.5lbs in three weeks following my online plan and in her words

I’m happy with that as I haven’t given up my wine on the weekend and I’m finding the plan easy”.


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