It Requires A Leap Of Faith (Your Questions Answered)‏

Lets get this party started my friend.

Not a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask me a question.

Today I will answer a few of my favourites.

QUESTION #1:  Hi Rich, I’m already on statins, but what foods can I eat to reduce my cholesterol?  Jan

ANSWER: Ok Jan my answer requires a leap of faith for you, as I know you think traditionally regarding cholesterol.  However things have changed.  Most cholesterol found in your body didn’t come from inside the food you ate.

Cholesterol is produced in the liver in response to chronic inflammation, which IS CAUSED by bad foods containing chemicals, smoking and over drinking etc.  So cholesterol isn’t consumed in the food you eat, it’s produced BECAUSE of the food you eat (or don’t eat), if that makes sense.

So the best advice is to cut out inflammatory foods like processed foods, cereals, pasta and sugar to name a few.

Please read the chapter in my book which fully explains this and you may even decide that STATINS are not a good idea.

You can get that here for £10.99

QUESTION #2:  Hey Richard, I am swimming 3 times a week but today I went and felt very tired afterwards, I took my dog for a long walk after swimming too. I was just wondering if you think I might need to increase protein etc or if there would be anything to help me not feel so tired and aching?

I’m drinking loads and always increase the amount of water I drink when I go swimming.  But today I have felt really tired and legs feeling really sluggish which I don’t normally have.

Is there anything you can recommend me adding to my diet to help?
Cheers, Sam

ANSWER:  Hi Sam, great question. You will have to see but my guess is you are probably not eating enough, plus you’re doing a lot of activity compared to what you have been used to before you started the new plan. You probably have an accumulation of “exercise” in your legs, that’s why they ache, I recommend you add REST to your plan and take a day off, let the legs recover, plus every time you exercise, have an apple afterwards X.

QUESTION #3:  Is there an alternative I can use for greek yogurt? I really don’t like the sour taste.  Thanks,  Hayley

ANSWER:  Add a teaspoon of honey and that will help or if you have it with berries, crush them up and then mix together, the sugar helps reduce the sour taste.  If neither of those are any good, you could try full fat, plain Fromage frais.

And that’s a wrap for today.

Remember if you are wasting time trying to work all this weight loss and fitness stuff out on your own, there is much a quicker (and easier) way.

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