It’s Been One Of Those Weeks

I’m writing this from Morriston hospitals children’s ward.My son had to be admitted late on Sunday night.He had a REALLY Bad Asthma attack, never happened like this before, usually a bit of his blue pump would settle it down – not this time though.


He has spent the last three nights here.

The Dr’s and nurses have been amazing.

They threw the kitchen sink at him, he was on everything from oxygen and nebulisers to steroids.

His oxygen saturation levels dropped to 80%, which if you know anything about this stuff or have spent much time in hospital isn’t good.

Poor little bugger was coughing and wheezing like Darth Vader after 40 Marlboro’s.

I tried to carry on with my work as best I could and Ellie stayed up the hospital at Louis bedside.

I won’t bore you with the details but it’s fair to say after three nights she is now delirious with the lack of sleep and food.

We have just been told we will be allowed to go home in the next couple of hours, waiting to see the Doc and get some more meds to take home.

Anyone who has kids will appreciate what this type of thing does to you, it totally throws the whole family out of balance.

-No real sleep
-Tons of texts and phone calls
-Lots of crap food
-Plenty of stress

Yesterday the docs were saying things like “if he doesn’t respond soon he will have to have an X-ray as it could be something more sinister” we are all knackered with the worry.

With that said, rather than trying to give you an “info-taining” email today, I’m gonna catch my wife and son in, go shopping and cook a nice meal.

Rich “Putting Family First” Clarke

PS – I do have a podcast for you which (thankfully) we recorded last week.

We discuss:
– Are Natrol Juice Festiv capsules a good supplement to take?
– Is there any advice to coming off anti depressants?
– What is bulletproof coffee and is it any good?
– What are the best protein powders to use?
And more of course.


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