Learning From A 6 Year Old

December is here and everyone in the Clarke household is excited for Xmas, especially my son Louis, who is 6.

The decorations are up.

Louis has been chosen to be Joseph in the school nativity play.

What more could you ask for…

Well …In addition to all that, Louis proudly told me the other day

Dad I’m moving up to PEN“.

You see, he has been writing with a PENCIL for YEARS.

He hasn’t been allowed to use a pen because he was not ready, he was making too many mistakes.

And finally the other day his teacher told him

I think you can move up to pen on Monday”.

He was over the moon.

What a great feeling progress is.

He had done the required work to move up.

I see the same proud look on my clients face when I let them do something they haven’t been ready for before.

Just like Louis, I only let them progress when they have done the required amount of work so I can progress them safely.

Like when I tell someone they are ready to do “squats with heavy weights”.

They love it.

After months of working on their technique and improving flexibility.

And telling them they are not allowed to do heavy weights yet.

When the day finally comes when they do it, AND they do it well.


Of course all this magic starts when you decide you’re ready to PUT IN the work required.

No one can do it for you.

Richard Clarke


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