Legal But NOT Ethical – Does Your Food Come From A Fictional Farm?‏

I nearly chocked on my free range eggs this morning 😉

This article has just come across my radar:

“Britain’s farmers have said Tesco (and Aldi) sell fresh produce labelled with “fictional farm” brands which may be misleading”.

And I have to say, I completely agree.

The National Farmers Union (NFU) says the labels may give customers a false idea of where the produce is sourced.

The two examples in the article I read had packaging with the farm names:

1. Rosedene Farms

2. Redmere Farms

3. Boswell Farms

Which ALL sound very British.

I wouldn’t be so polite, I mean they are saying it MAY be misleading.

There is no MAY about it.

They are at it again and surely, this must equate to misleading people?

Putting a name of a made up farm, which sounds British, on products, which actually come from abroad, is that not misleading?

It seems to me at least it’s a very deceptive form of marketing.

Tesco said: “We’ve named the brands after farms to represent the quality specifications that go into every product across the range.”

Which again, sounds like a load of BS, to me.

Phil (Bicknell) from the NFU said: “It’s clear that Tesco has identified that customers have a positive affinity with farmers and want to capitalise on this”

^^^ Read that again ^^^

Phil, from the NFU, sounds like he is talking some truth.

Basically he’s saying that Tesco have identified that we TRUST a product more if we think it’s from a British farm, so, THEY MADE SOME UP to SELL MORE.

And this topped it off for me, the article went on to say:

“A marketing expert felt Tesco was not being deliberately deceitful. I think they are being fairly upfront and honest that these are Tesco own brand products”.

Another expert said: “I don’t think this is particularly insidious… It’s probably a marketing mistake.”

Again, I can smell the farm manure from here.

This stinks, just like most of the stuff they get up to with food labelling.

If you ask me, they do not have their customers’ interests at heart, just our MONEY.

And they will deceive and push their marketing to the edge of what’s allowed, legally.

And they are clever/sneaky because its all just words, and they make sure they are safe, legally.

But what about morally and ethically?

We buy most of our food from our local green grocer and butchers.

Richard Clarke

PS – are you interested in learning more about where your food comes from and what it eats?

Have a listen to this podcast I did with my client Lowri’s Mum, Dr Delana Davies, who happens to be Welsh Government Farm Advisor, and member of the NFU, interesting stuff…

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