We Go To McDonalds & Why You Should Too…

On occasion we go to McDonalds (Shock horror)

I have the chicken fillets, fries and water or milkshake.

My therapy is obviously working as I haven’t been able to admit that before.

I used to go to the drive in at McDonalds with my hood up, just in case anyone saw me in there.drive through

Going there used to make me feel guilty.

When I was younger, if I saw people I knew in these fast food places they would pass comment

“what are you doing in here?”

“I’m telling on you”

And so on.

I ended up avoiding them or doing it on the sly as I thought it would be bad for business.

As much as I LOVE South Wales and all its beauty.

It’s a pain in the ass at times because you can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know.

(Like the time I went for an endoscopy and my mate’s mother was the nurse.)

Anyways, my opinion on McDonalds is that it’s OK.

I’m trying to teach my son not to be a weirdo, kids eat McDonalds, I want him to be a kid.

Plus, keeping perspective, I’m pretty fit (as it’s my job).

So the odd Maccy D’s isn’t going to cause me any major problems.

In fact I go to have a full cooked breakfast once a week.

In fact it’s a breakfast, in a BREAD roll. (credit to Dewi and the girls at Saunders Sandwiches)

It contains
Black pudding (pigs blood)
And fried potatoes.

It’s delicious, but granted, not entirely healthy.

BUT I eat healthy all the time so now and then a good fry up is ok.

I’m telling you this because I want you to realise FOOD is not the problem, It all comes down to perspective.

If you eat well MOST of the time. (Like 80-90 meals out of 100.)

The so called treats and unhealthy foods won’t affect you AS MUCH.

That’s the perspective bit.

If I have any naughty calories it’s on a heavy training day or on weekends.

My clients all eat treats of some sort, and usually save theirs for the weekends too.

If you want to have a McDonalds I recommend you have what ever the hell you like.

But drink ONLY WATER. Lots of it.

And get straight back to normal the next meal.

Rich “keeping perspective” Clarke

PS – tomorrow I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how to tell if someone you know is full of BS.

It’s so easy.

You can even test yourself for BS too.

Speak more tomorrow…


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